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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Swedish BMP CV-90 for the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be presented with the first versions KXan 36 Daily News

Date: May 30, 2023 Time: 22:46:46

These infantry fighting vehicles were mass-produced thirty years ago and are now in operation in seven European countries. Recently it became known that Slovakia and the Czech Republic also decided to purchase such equipment.

The Swedish army is armed with more than five hundred vehicles. This is basically the Strf9040 version. The name indicates the caliber of the artillery system used in them – the 40-mm Bofors L70B cannon, which, in turn, was created on the basis of the well-known automatic cannon, produced since the second half of the 40s.

The weapon is equipped with several types of shells, which allows it to fight against light armored vehicles, manpower and other targets.

The rate of fire is adjustable, from 60 to 400 shots per minute. Ammunition – 234 pieces. There is also a 7.62mm machine gun. A grenade launcher can use not only smoke grenades, but also grenades with flashy elements.

Observation systems include laser rangefinders and thermal imaging channels. There are no anti-tank guided missiles in this modification.

Initially, the armor protection could only withstand hits from 14.5 mm bullets from Vladimirov’s heavy machine guns. Later, mounted modules were developed that could support 30mm ammunition. However, they are installed on only a few dozen Swedish army samples, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces are likely to receive the first versions.

The power of the Scania DSI 14 diesel engine is 550 hp. The maximum speed on the highway is 70 km/h. Fuel range – 320 km. Crew – 3 people. Landing -7 military. Combat weight – 23100 kg.

In addition to the Strf 90, Sweden will also provide Ukrainian fighters with twelve-wheeled Archer 155mm self-propelled artillery mounts.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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