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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Tank “Merkava”: characteristics, weaknesses and strengths of the Israeli tank Merkava

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 21:45:15

Several sources in Tel Aviv and Warsaw immediately reported that Israeli military exporters were conducting secret negotiations with some “representatives of two European countries” on the sale of 200 Merkava tanks at a time.


200 pieces

Several sources in Tel Aviv and Warsaw immediately reported that Israeli military exporters were conducting secret negotiations with some “representatives of two European countries” on the sale of 200 Merkava tanks at a time.

The Israeli Defense Ministry also officially confirmed this: “Several countries have expressed interest in acquiring old tanks from our army surplus. They were taken out of service many years ago.”

There are several questions here.


First. What “two European countries” are we talking about exactly?

One of the anonymous Polish security experts stated openly: “There can be no doubt that the tanks are intended for Warsaw with the subsequent transfer to kyiv.” In fact, Poland itself does not need this decommissioned Israeli iron, does it have a lot of German “Leopards” and American “Abrams” and their “Solid” (still Soviet, but modernized T-72)? Why then take the Merkava to Warsaw and not immediately to Ukraine? Because in Poland these old tanks will be put in order and modernized. The Ukrainians themselves will not be able to do this.


Question two: why exactly now the Israelis decided to “turn the corner” to exchange the Merkava tank? Yes, because Zelensky has been almost on his knees for a long time asking for tanks from Tel Aviv. And today, when leopards are already burning in the Zaporozhye steppes, kyiv urgently needs to make up for these losses. Plug the holes in your troops.


And the third question: why did Israel, which for a long time assured Moscow that it would “never deliver” heavy military equipment to kyiv, decided on this? There is no doubt that Tel Aviv succumbed to American pressure. Washington has already “twisted the arms” of many countries, demanding to help Ukraine defeat Russia. The Pentagon has calculated that the Russians have already destroyed more than 10% of NATO’s armored vehicles. And the German Defense Minister Pistorius even sobbed into his vest: they say that if things go on like this, there will not be enough leopards …


By the way, what do the experts say when comparing “Leopards” and “Merkavas” (by the way, this name translates as “cart”)? They agree that Israeli tanks, despite their age, have better survivability and firepower than German ones.

Well, what is the “iron Israeli” – the Merkava tank? What are the characteristics of the Merkava tank?

The machine is heavy – less than 70 tons! It will easily get stuck in wet ground or bring down bridges in the Ukraine.

Crew – 4 people. Armament: 120 mm cannon, 2 machine guns: 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm. As well as an anti-tank guided missile and a mortar. Engine power – 1500 hp There are optical and television sights. The weakest point is the side armor. It is easily pierced by our RPG-29 grenade launcher, not to mention the “storm of all tanks” – the Russian Kornet missile system. Like our Ka-52 attack helicopters, with their Whirlwind missile they are capable of demolishing even stronger tank turrets.

Comparison of the main characteristics of the tanks “Merkava”, “Leopard” and “T-90”.

Photo: Alexey STEFANOV


I don’t think Ukraine will immediately receive the 200 Merkavs (the term for “finishing” Israeli vehicles in Poland extends to December 2024). But in any case, this is a serious factor on the battlefield, it will have to be taken into account. And try to “neutralize”. We already have experience: we practice with leopards. And our commanders are already telling the tankers about the weak points of the Merkav.


If you do not wag the diplomatic tail, then as soon as the Merkavas meet on the battlefield somewhere in Zaporozhye, Israel will immediately turn from a “neutral” country to us into a hostile one. That will give us every right to a proper response. We can, like Tel Aviv itself, quietly supply Iran with some military technology. And in the skies over Syria, start shooting down Israeli planes. Tel Aviv would do well to think about it now. And don’t blindly cater to Washington’s wish list.


Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are afraid to get into NATO tanks

Several cases have been known when Ukrainian soldiers refuse to enter German leopards or deliberately break them. Because for Russian soldiers, the destruction of NATO equipment is a priority in battle.

“Ukrainians can be understood,” Konstantin Sivkov, vice president of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences, explained on Radio KP. – Russian artists, businessmen and some governors have already announced that for each prize “Leopard” destroyed – one million rubles. So you can earn good money. This is an incentive for our fighters. But the main thing, of course, is genetic memory: our grandfathers smashed German tanks in the same steppes 80 years ago. And there is enthusiasm – to show what Western technology in general is worth. Therefore, the Ukrainian soldiers are afraid and do not want to become the number 1 target, sitting on the “Leopard”.


Why you should not trust the rumors about the delivery of Israeli Merkava tanks to Ukraine

Another knot is being tied in Israel, the ends of which will affect the further development of events immeasurably more than the capture of another village in the Zaporozhye theater of operations (details)


Why the US benefits from freezing the conflict in Ukraine (more)

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