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Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Tatyana Bronzova: “I would take away the citizenship of those actors who speak ill of Russia”

Date: June 8, 2023 Time: 12:01:58

Actress Tatiana Bronzova

Photo: Alexander GLUZ

The dismissal of 65-year-old Dmitry Nazarov (the star of the TV series “Kitchen”) and his wife, actress Olga Vasilyeva from the Moscow Art Theater, speaks not only about people in social networks, but also about their colleagues.

The main “Santa Claus” of the country, who in previous years earned money on Kremlin Christmas trees, was fired for his Russophobic position, for criticizing the NWO in fables and songs of his own composition. Nazarov posted them on social networks. Now the artist’s microblog is his main stage. He was removed from performances. It is unlikely that anyone would dare to shoot Nazarov in the cinema.

Actress Olga Bogdanova, who worked with Dmitry Nazarov in the Army Theater, briefly spoke about her former colleague: everyone chooses their own path. And she was only surprised that Nazarov did not listen to his people at all, for whom he worked. Olga Mikhailovna recalled that when she served in the Army Theater, she played several major roles. But after his departure to the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov, the Army Theater did not collapse without Nazarov … The Moscow Art Theater did not collapse either, other actors were introduced to the roles of Nazarov, “the detachment did not notice the loss of a fighter.”

We discussed this topic with actress Tatyana Bronzova. Tatyana Vasilievna worked at the Moscow Art Theater for about 30 years. Of these, she for 10 years she was the director of the troupe of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. She knows the world of acting like no one else.

– The actors (Dmitry Nazarov, Chulpan Khamatova, Anatoly Bely, Artur Smolyaninov…), who made strong anti-Russian statements, easily cut off the branch on which they comfortably and firmly sat for many years. They earned decently, acting in Russian cinema and working in the state theater. Do you think they will find the same job abroad?

– Nobody needs them there as actors. Such work as they had in Moscow, and such earnings, will not be anywhere else. At one time, much more talented artists than Nazarov and Bely left Russia. And they came back pretty quickly. I remember well how Mikhail Kozakov longed for in Israel. How he cordially met Oleg Efremov when Oleg Nikolaevich came to Tel Aviv. I was a witness. For several years, Kozakov played in the Gesher Theater. He missed the Moscow public and my colleagues very much. And then he came back.

– Now Anatoly Bely works at Gesher …

– For me, Anatoly Bely is just an ungrateful person. Not even his first wife, Marina Golub, who did a lot for him as an artist. Neither the theater in which he served, nor his country. I don’t like traitors. I think many will disagree with me, but I would take away the citizenship of those who speak ill of Russia.

These same people declare: they are ashamed to be citizens of our country. Well, since they’re embarrassed, don’t be. Let them live in Israel, in Latvia, in France… Many people have real estate and a roof there.

I am also very concerned about what is happening now between Russia and Ukraine. But I will never speak ill of my homeland, especially our army, the soldiers who are under fire every day.

– I personally explain the strong anti-Russian statements by acting emotionally, the constant desire to attract attention. At all costs. Well, take at least Arthur Smolyaninov, who said that “we … what will remain of Russia, even if it turns into radioactive ash …”. Although his children live here. How could a sane person say that?

– In part, you’re right: not everyone is smart. Dmitry Nazarov is known to most viewers as the chef from the TV series “Kitchen”, and he considers himself a “citizen poet.” This is his personal tragedy. Hence the megalomania, these fables and ditties that he composes. But after he screwed up a great song, as a person and as an artist, I’m not interested in him. What did he want to say with his poems: that he is all in white, and we are in… that same substance? No, let me now let him walk the Mediterranean and sing his songs there. Or did he think he could sing with impunity? So he’s a cheeky lout who decided that anything was allowed for him. Or did he imagine himself a great artist? In my opinion, he is an ordinary artist, moreover, not charming. There are few truly great actors. The bulk is the middle class.

But when you say that the actors make their statements out of stupidity, you are wrong. They fully understand what they are saying and why.

Another thing is that among the actors there are many opportunists. The profession itself is so… corrupt. You have to constantly sell yourself, to the director, to the producer. You must like it. Therefore, artists serve first one authority, then another.

– Tatyana Vasilievna, this is a classic, which is attributed to Admiral Kolchak: “Do not touch the artists, prostitutes and coachmen. They equally serve any authority.”

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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