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Friday, December 8, 2023
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Tatyana Vedeneeva: “Beauty is achievable for every woman. But not everyone bothers with this daily work.

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 12:26:27

TV presenter and actress Tatyana Vedeneeva celebrates her birthday.

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Now he is on a sabbatical, and in August he will return to Moscow and begin rehearsals for a new performance at the School of Modern Play theater, where he has been serving for almost a decade and a half. By the way, the public has long called this theater simply – the Theater on Trubnaya.

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Tatyana Vedeneeva will play in one of the premieres of the new season – the comedy “Charlie’s Aunt” by English playwright Brandon Thomas. Many years ago, she played the student of Donna Rosa d’Alvadorets in the hit Soviet film “Hello, I’m your aunt!”. Now she herself is preparing to reincarnate in that very aunt from Brazil, where many, many wild monkeys live in the forests.

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– In our difficult moment, the public puts an equal sign between the concept of theater and that of recreation. And it’s hard not to agree with this, ”Tatiana Vedneeva shared with KP. – And a comedy comedy like “Aunt Charlie” will definitely cheer you up. For artists, this performance is a gift. The role of the student Ellie Delay, which I played in the film by Viktor Titov, will be played by young actresses from our theater.

– Will today’s viewers recognize you more as a theater actress, and not as the host of the children’s TV show “Good evening, children!”?

– What do you! “Calm” is my brand. It used to bother me a bit when they called me “Aunt Tanya”, but not anymore. I don’t like being called by my name. Either Tatyana Vedeneeva or Aunt Tanya is the same for me. Viewers over the age of 30 remember “Calma” very well. Even when I went on tour to Berlin or Georgia, people on the street called me by the name I had been accustomed to since childhood: Aunt Tanya. There was a case where in a large shopping mall in Germany I got stuck in the jewelry department. In one hand is a wallet, in the other – earrings. I was so excited about the accessories that I lost the same wallet, I forgot where I put it. And when she did, she looked very confused. “Aunt Tanya, why are you leaving your wallet so carelessly?” a pretty young woman said to me and she handed it over to me. She also saw “Good night, children!” when she was a child. She recognized me right away. Before it seemed to me that there was nothing special in this TV show. In fact, it has great educational significance. In a playful way, through communication with the toy Khryusha and Stepashka, we explain to children what is good and what is bad. And this knowledge, as it turned out, is for life. A well-dressed woman I did not know approached me once: “I am very grateful for the ‘Calm’. They help me my whole life, even now that I’m in business,” she said. What she meant, I never knew. But it was nice.

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– She was also engaged in business: with her second husband she produced tkemali sauces. How are things going?

– When we started this business, in Bulgaria we planted 100 thousand wild plums – tkemali. There we rented a bankrupt company for little money. And they began to make high-quality natural sauces. Our company was located in Burgas, and the main market was Russia. Which was difficult. Ideally, you have left everything behind and dedicated yourself solely to making these sauces. It is difficult to do business remotely. First they burned some of our trees, I don’t know if it was an accident or a fire. Then the pandemic happened, then the sanctions… As a result, we unfortunately had to sell the company.

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But the entrepreneurial streak in me has not died out. I recently starred in a film about the film “Hello, I’m your aunt!”. They asked me to say where the shooting took place. For example, the scene with which the film begins, when Alexander Kalyagin’s hero Babs first meets my heroine and gives her a flower, was filmed on Bolshaya Nikitskaya, near the House of Writers. There, Donna Rosa (played by Tamara Nosova) and I got out of the old mansion and got into a convertible. I thought: it would be possible to make a guide or a tour of the streets of Moscow where famous films were shot.

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– That’s a good idea, by the way. Kichik Gala Street in Baku’s Old Town, where “The Diamond Arm” was filmed and where Semyon Gorbunkov, played by Yuri Nikulin, slipped unsuccessfully on a watermelon rind, attracts tourists like a magnet. Surely at any time of the day someone is photographed, lying on the sidewalk. Jokingly repeating: “Damn it!”. There are many such places in Moscow.

– Such excursions, in my opinion, are not enough. Sometimes they take tourists to the Ostankino Museum. Not everyone knows that there is a curious museum there, where things from the filming of iconic TV shows or TV movies are kept. By the way, in this museum in Ostankino there is my checkered dress from “Hi, I’m your aunt!”.

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– You are often asked how you manage to look so good, what is the secret of beauty. Besides: “I follow the figure, I eat well, I get enough sleep, I use good cosmetics” – what else? Have I read that you almost never eat meat?

– Very rarely – boiled chicken. I usually cook it for my dog. And a piece for me. Simple and healthy food. But my favorite food is still fish. Just bake a piece of salmon in foil, tasty and easy.

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As for beauty, I am convinced that it is achievable for all women, but this is a day job that not everyone bothers with. When I worked on television, there was an unspoken rule for announcers: don’t go out without makeup, even after hours. The audience should always perceive you in a familiar way. To do this, you need to skillfully and sparingly use decorative cosmetics. It is very important to be able to wear clothes, emphasizing the dignity of the figure. Dressing well doesn’t have to be expensive. My first artist husband taught me a lot about it. In Soviet times, we worked on the air in our clothes: it was desirable not to repeat ourselves, although there was nothing in stores. It was a big problem to get a nice blouse or dress, they got out as they could, even with the help of speculators. We did our own makeup. We only had one hairdresser who would straighten our hair before shooting. There was also Lena Bezyaeva, she worked as a stylist in the announcer department. The main task of her was to organize the tailoring of one suit per year (!) For each announcer.

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I have never been afraid to experiment with clothes. I still allow myself to wear daring outfits. I only wear heels. This is important: the way you see yourself is how you perceive yourself, including your age. I have a fast and easy walk. When you see a person, you remember the image of her: walking, silhouette, not details, not arrows in front of his eyes. Also, a job that you like is of great importance for a modern woman. This is a serious incentive to look good.

By the way, I will share one more girly trick. In the morning, waking up, I don’t run to the mirror. The eyes should not remember an image that they do not like. Your brain will definitely remember this image. And this is useless. First you need to wash yourself, put yourself in order, drink a cup of coffee … And only when the body really wakes up, look at yourself in the mirror with a smile. This rule works hard. I wish everyone to be internally interesting, in demand, to be surrounded by loving people and to give their energy in return. Be happy, your aunt Tanya.

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