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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Tax advantages in the 2022 Income Statement for people over 65 years of age

Date: March 28, 2023 Time: 08:03:23

On April 11, the 2022 Income Tax return campaign begins, that is, the one corresponding to the previous year, in which taxpayers will have to catch up with the treasury and prepare the corresponding draft. This first date is for its completion online, while to send it by phone or in person, you will have to wait for the opening later, prior appointment request.

This year the Treasury incorporates some novelties in the Income, such as those social benefits received by Social Security, that is, a declaration, contributory pensions. Specifically, the Tax Agency includes “pensions and passive assets received from public administrators of Social Security and other public benefits for situations of disability, retirement, accident, illness, widowhood, or similar”.

We must also take into account that people with income obtained in the taxable year greater than 22,000 euros will have to present the personal income tax, if they were received by a single payer. Similarly, the limit will be reduced to

What are the tax advantages for retirees in Income

From Gestha, the union of technicians of the Ministry of Finance, they warn that “Those over 65 years of age must know in depth the keys, deductions and exempt income in the Personal Income Tax (IRPF), so that they can obtain the get the most out of their upcoming return, if they are required to file it.”

Sale of habitual residence

From the General Council of Economists of Spain they specify to La Información that they are exempt from including in the draft the capital gains due to the transmission by people over 65 years of age of their habitual residence, as well as by people who are in a situation of serious dependence on great dependency according to the Law for the promotion of personal autonomy and care for people in a situation of dependency. Likewise, it will not be necessary to reinvest the import obtained in the purchase of another habitual residence. In this sense, a property that has been used as such for more than three years will be considered a habitual residence.

Minimum personal income

In general, the personal minimum will be 5,550 euros. For taxpayers aged over 65, a total of 1,150 euros (6,700 euros per year) will be added to this amount, and those over 75, 2,550 euros, that is, the previous 1,150 added to an added 1,400 euros (8,100 euros per year). ).

Reinvestment of life annuities

Those capital gains that are revealed on the occasion of the transfer of capital elements by taxpayers over 65 years of age will be eliminated from taxation, provided that the total amount obtained is used, within 6 months, to constitute a life annuity insured for a please so The total maximum amount that for this purpose may be used to constitute life annuities will be 240,000 euros.

family business donations

Guaranteeing the generational replacement of the family business also enjoys certain tax advantages. If the parents donate the business, or the shares or shares of the family business to their children, as a consequence of this donation, a capital gain is generated in the personal income tax of the donors. This gain can be exempt, yes, it must meet a series of requirements. As they point out in the Navas & Cusí law firm, the marked conditions are:

That it is not a patrimonial entity whose main purpose is the management of patrimony or real estate and must have more than 50% of its assets linked to an economic activity. That the participation of the partner who intends to access this tax benefit in the capital of the entity is at least 5% individually. That any of the members of the aforementioned family group perform management functions in the company and obtain for them the majority of their income from work and economic activities.

In case of donation of the shares or participations, it does not generate a tax impact on the donor’s personal income tax and would benefit from the 95% reduction of the base for the donees in the Donation Tax, but other extra requirements must be met:

The donor is 65 years of age or over, or who, being less than said age, is in a situation of permanent disability, to a degree of absolute or severe disability. This does not oblige you to transfer all of your shares or shares in the company.

pension plans

The redemption of a pension plan in the form of capital can enjoy a 40% reduction on the benefits corresponding to the premiums paid before the year 2007. It is allowed to reduce the taxable base of the IRPF the contributions made to pension plans or to other social welfare systems, although the maximum individual contribution cannot exceed 1,500 euros, this limit was 2,000 euros in 2021. It may be increased by another 8,500 euros for company contributions to an employment system.

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