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Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Temporary workers will be able to apply for sick leave – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: January 29, 2023 Time: 05:31:57

If until 2023 mandatory social insurance was not applied to those who worked under civil law contracts, now workers employed under such contracts (temporary employees, as well as those hired to carry out individual projects) will also be able to receive paid sick leave, payments related to pregnancy and childbirth, as well as caring for a child up to 1.5 years old.

“Simultaneously with the merger of funds, a transition to a single rate was made, which made it possible to extend mandatory social security to another 4 million people: those who carry out works or services under civil law contracts, those who work under civil law contracts copyright or transferring copyright to the procedure for granting benefits is as close as possible to agreements with citizens employed under labor contracts,” said Anton Kotyakov, director of the Russian Ministry of Labor.

The introduction of a single tariff provides for a single circle of insured: that is, all citizens, regardless of whether they work under an employment contract or civil law, will be able to receive sick leave, maternity and child care benefits up to 1.5 years. , linked to their income level. Benefits for citizens employed under civil law contracts will be calculated as for those who work under labor contracts: based on the income of the previous two calendar years. Likewise, the minimum base for calculating sick leave may not be less than the minimum wage in terms of a full month. At the same time, an employee employed under a civil law contract will acquire the right to receive benefits provided that insurance premiums of at least annual deductions from the minimum wage have been paid to him during the last year. By 2023, this is 4833.72 rubles. These contributions can also be paid within the framework of an employment relationship.

As part of the transition to a single fee, employers will not form separate calculations for each type of Social Security and will send separate payments. After the introduction of a single fee, it is enough for employers to form a calculation and send a payment, which is distributed by the Federal Treasury by type of insurance in the established proportion.

The number of reports is also reduced: instead of 5 different reports, organizations will submit a single form to the Social Fund. All this will simplify the workflow for companies and reduce the risk of accounting errors. This provides a “one stop shop” for business.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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