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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Tent amidst concrete walls: Young Chinese take strange step instead of renovating apartments

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 02:24:14

However, owning a home for the Chinese is an important indicator of success, just like it is around the world. And the boom of the Chinese economy before the COVID-19 pandemic allowed many Chinese residents to realize their dream of owning an independent apartment or house.

As in our country, in the Celestial Empire, a large part of the apartments in new construction are offered for sale without finishing. That is, the buyer receives bare walls at a reduced price and already tidies up the house at his own expense, choosing the interior design according to his tastes.

But until the Chinese economy recovered from the coronavirus pandemic, many new homeowners in China found themselves unable to spend even a small amount on apartment renovations and furniture purchases.

Millennials found an unusual way out of this situation: Chinese youth offered an original and incredibly popular way to live comfortably in unfinished apartments – they simply set up tents in which they live amid bare concrete walls. The hashtag “unfinished apartments” is now one of the most viral on Chinese social media. The posts are full of photos and videos of the interior decoration of the houses of those who chose not to leave their own, but unfinished in terms of housing, and turned this way of life into an industrial chic fashion trend. In addition, the unfinished flats have also become a symbol of the rejection of excessive consumption among Chinese youth.

Sociologists have already drawn their conclusion: They believe that the growing popularity of this lifestyle underlines the resilience and ingenuity of millennials in difficult circumstances. But scientists aren’t yet ready to make predictions about how long this trend will last.


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Puck Henry
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