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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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The 0 is the termination that touches the most in El Niño and Madrid is where it splits the most

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 04:43:10

The 0 has been the ending that has touched the most times during the ‘El Niño’ Lottery with a total of 22 occasions in which this number has awarded the luckiest in our country, being the last year that it came out in 2021. In addition , Madrid is the region where the award has been won the most times, a total of 43 times.

Number 0 is frequently followed by number 7, which has appeared 14 times throughout history, and number 9 with 13. Next, we find figures such as number 4, which has won 12 prizes for doiones and lasocas Last doions followed in 2016 and 2017

Number 2 has been the refund of the First prize eleven times, the last in 2019. It is followed by number 6 with ten appearances, number 1 with a total of 9, and number 8 that came out in 8 prizes. In last place, by frequency of appearance, it is number 3, which has only appeared six times.

Where should you buy the tenth

In geographical terms, Madrid is the city where the First Prize has been awarded the most times on 43 occasions, followed by the city of Barcelona with 37 awards behind it, Bilbao with 19, Valencia with 15, Seville with 10 and San Sebastián with 8.

These cities make up the largest number of entries for the El Niño Draw, however there is a big difference between first place and sixth, since the capital has won prizes 43 times out of 114 editions held and has dominated 37. 7% of the draws.

700 million

The extraordinary draw will distribute a total of 700 million next Friday, January 6 at 12 noon. The issuance of this Christmas raffle will amount to 50 series of 100,000 tickets with a price of 200 euros per ticket divided into a total of 20 euros per tenth. This represents a total of 1,000,000,000 euros issued that the State could pocket.

Regarding the most important prizes of the ‘El Niño’ Draw, the First Prize is 2,000,000 euros per series; the Second Prize, of 750,000 euros per series; and the Third Prize, of 250,000 euros per series. In addition, there are 20 prizes of 3,500 euros and another 1,400 prizes of 1,000 euros per series, among others.

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