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Monday, March 27, 2023
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The Accounts Chamber recognized the work of the Moscow department of the Federal Property Management Agency as inefficient KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 06:49:09

All criteria for the effectiveness of the activities of the Territorial Administration of the Federal Property Management Agency in Moscow for 2020-2021 are negative due to identified violations and shortcomings, or cannot be determined due to a lack of data, stated the auditor Andrey Baturkin on the board of the Accounts Chamber. Thus, the Department’s activities are recognized as ineffective.

The audit, in particular, showed that the department did not conduct an inventory of federal property under its jurisdiction. The information on the number and cost of these objects, reflected in the management balance sheet, is not confirmed by the budget accounting data and disagrees with the data of the Federal Property Registry (RFI) and other accounting information systems (GIS ESUGI, USRN).

“As of January 1, 2022, there were 6,049 objects of treasury real estate in the Federal Register of Property and 6,262 objects in the budget accounting of the department. Discrepancies in the cost of items were also identified. So, if the assets are estimated at 708 billion rubles in the Register, then in the budget management reports – at 1.7 trillion rubles,” the auditor cited the data.

The federal property registry was maintained with violations: many times inaccurate information about the value of the objects was indicated, data was duplicated or objects with non-existent addresses were taken into account. Likewise, the department failed to comply with the deadlines for entering information into the Registry and did not exclude from it the objects that had been withdrawn from federal domain. As a result, a number of treasure items listed in the RFI are not in fact the property of the Russian Federation.

Thus, in 2020 and 2021, 11 contracts for the sale of land assigned to buyers under acceptance acts were entered into. For 10 parcels, the rights holders have registered the ownership rights and the ownership right of the Russian Federation has been terminated. However, in the summer of 2022, these sites were still not excluded from the RFI. Also in 2021, third-party organizations issued the permanent perpetual use right and were users of 78 pieces of land. A random check showed that in the summer of 2022, the new right holder in the registry was indicated only for 7 sites out of 14 verified.

Five dismantled buildings on Krasnokazarmennaya street, 8 were excluded from the RFI only after 11 years, in 2020.

“Therefore, at present, the Registry is not a source of high-quality data on federal property, and extracts from it do not contain reliable information when property is transacted,” Baturkin said. , as well as almost 700 duplicate accounting records.

In addition, the department did not meet the deadlines for collecting debts for lease payments and did not issue a demand for their payment, violated the deadlines for accruing deferred income and returning overpayments to the budget. This led to a shortage of funds in the federal budget.

The audit also showed that the priority type of property management was its transfer to economic management or operational management, which did not contribute to an increase in budget revenue. In addition, the facts of use of federal assets by legal persons without legal basis and free of charge were revealed. At the same time, free items from the treasury are not involved in commercial circulation, the conditions for this have not been created.

In 2021, on behalf of Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, the department inspected 7,911 federal real estate objects for which economic management or operational management rights are registered. 244 disused buildings with a total area of ​​271,516.9 m2 were identified. m and 203 disused premises with a total area of ​​163,597.3 m2. However, according to the results of the audit, only one object was involved in economic turnover – the building at 20 Staraya Basmann Street, building 8 was transferred to the Ministry of Construction.

“For 2020-2021, the Department did not conclude a single lease for buildings and premises. Information about vacant premises was not published, respectively, interested parties (potential tenants) did not have access to this information. It should be noted that during our audit and after its completion, the Department carried out the relevant work and identified 51 objects that may be involved in economic turnover. Information about offers for various objects has already appeared on the website of the Federal Property Management Agency, “the auditor noted.

Based on the results of the audit, the Chamber of Accounts recommended updating the RFI data and comparing it with data from other information systems, as well as publishing on the official websites of the Federal Property Administration Agency and the department information about treasury items that are free. of the rights of third parties and are possible for participation in economic circulation.

The head of the Federal Agency for Property Management Vadim Yakovenko, in turn, noted that the main task of the organization is the effective management of federal property, including optimization of the property composition of the state treasury of the Russian Federation and the endowment of goods to the federal executive bodies for the development of their activities. In Moscow, which is the center of concentration of all federal executive bodies, there is the greatest need for vacant non-residential premises for their location, and the released treasury facilities are mainly provided to the federal executive authorities and their subordinate organizations. The additional need for placement of the federal executive authorities in Moscow is now more than 30 thousand square meters. M. Therefore, the privatization plan includes only objects that are not in demand by federal structures.

The concept of management and privatization of state property in the Russian Federation has lost its relevance, says Yakovenko, therefore, in July 2022, the Federal Property Management Agency drew up a draft government decree on its abolition, which was agreed with the Ministry of Finance and will soon be presented to the government.

Since 2020, the Federal Agency for Property Administration participates in the state program of the Ministry of Finance “Management of public finances and regulation of financial markets”, and has achieved the expected values ​​of all indicators of the state program both in 2020- 2021 and in 2022, Yakovenko highlights. In particular, the territorial department of the Federal Agency for Property Management in Moscow, despite the comment of the Accounts Chamber about the insufficient participation of treasury objects in civil legal circulation, by 2020-2022 ensured the receipt of income from the lease of land and real estate in the amount of 11.1 billion rubles. In 2019-2022, the capital department of the Federal Property Management Agency in Moscow signed 190 new land lease agreements, which led to an increase in rent by 933.84 million rubles, during privatization it was sold 40 treasury facilities for 1.1 billion rubles.

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