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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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The AEB now refuses to change the agreement for vulnerable mortgagees

Date: March 3, 2024 Time: 17:45:00

The president of the Spanish Banking Association (AEB), Alejandra Kindelán, has defended the current Code of Good Practices for vulnerable families or families at risk of vulnerability, since it is a framework that generates security and that, on the other hand, modifying it would generate uncertainty mortgage debtors. He thus referred to the words that the First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño, spoke yesterday about the meeting on June 29 between the ministry, employers, the Bank of Spain and consumer associations and where the development of the different protocols and codes aimed at improving the provision of financial services in the country will be addressed.

Specifically, Calviño said yesterday that the codes of good practices that employers have signed to promote the financial inclusion of the elderly and rural areas will be reviewed, as well as the measures to alleviate the impact of the rise in the Euribor on vulnerable families in risk of vulnerability, opening to modify the scope of application of the same.

Kindelán, in his speech at the XL Seminar of the Association of Economic Information Journalists (APIE), recalled that the Mortgage Codes of Good Practices were agreed in November “preventively” given the possibility of an increase in delinquency, which still still unproduced. This is due to the improvement in the economic situation, with a slowdown less than expected at that time and with employment holding up.

He also recalled that this agreement sought a “balance” between helping debtors with problems and protecting the mortgage system. “The framework is there, if it is used little it is that the situation does not require it, but we continue in a moment of uncertainty and perhaps it will be used more in the future. It gives certainty to mortgage debtors”, he has defended before stating that, if talk about changes, “generates uncertainty”.

Regarding the measure proposed by the second vice president and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz on creating an extraordinary social bonus to help families with the mortgage payment, the president of the AEB has maintained that the current moment is ” politically very active” and many proposals are being produced. “I refer to the Code of Good Practices, it is for use and the banks are scrupulously complying. The rest of the proposals will have to be seen,” she has transmitted, according to Europa Press.

bank tax

Asked about the proposal to create a fund for mortgaged people with problems to replace the bank tax, Kindelán has reiterated the position of the sector against the tax, but has recognized that in general conversations an instrument was designed if the tax was unavoidable in lien replacement.

“The position of the tax is clear. We don’t like it,” he added in this regard, without clarifying, however, the position regarding this fund that was recorded yesterday by the head of the PP Economy, Juan Bravo, during his speech in the course from the API.

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