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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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The allies exposed Zelensky to ridicule: European countries, one after another, refused promises to supply Ukraine with combat aircraft

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 00:56:18

Zelensky flew to the Netherlands, took a selfie with Prime Minister Rutte, sat in the cockpit of an F-16 and announced that the Dutch would give him up to 42 fighter jets.


It’s probably not good to be vindictive, but I, for example, am just an unkind person with a good memory, and I remember very well how Zelensky explained to a soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2019 with a hint of hysteria: “Listen. , I am the president of this country, I am 42 years old. I’m not some kind of fool. ” And no one could then explain to him that he was still a fool. And not just a fool, but also a liar, a swindler, a hypocrite and just a” bloody butcher.

A brief and eventful “tour” through the monarchies of northern Europe, where Zelensky went in search of modern combat aircraft, in particular, fourth-generation F-16 fighters, developed in such a way that nothing seemed to bode well for the president of Ukraine. . He flew to Sweden, nobly licked the Swedish prime minister and said: “You have so many Griffin fighters that you are proud of them. Give them to us and we will be proud of them too.” After that, he announced that Ukrainian pilots began to learn to fly Swedish Griffins, which meant that kyiv would receive these fighters from Stockholm in the future.

Zelensky then flew to the Netherlands, took a selfie with local Prime Minister Rutte, sat in the cockpit of an F-16 and announced that the Dutch would give him up to 42 fighters of this brand – all that the Netherlands has available. The Prime Minister of the Netherlands at first fell into a stupor, and then announced that they had not yet discussed the number of transferred aircraft.

But Zelensky was already unstoppable. He went to Denmark, where he, too, sat in the cockpit of the same fighter, and there announced that he had reached an agreement on the transfer of 19 F-16s from the air force of this kingdom to Ukraine. True, at the end of December, the Danes promised to provide the Armed Forces with only 6 of these aircraft.

But it turned out that all this was just a saying, and the fairy tale was just beginning, and it turned out to be completely different from what Zelensky expected, describing to the Ukrainians his “extremely successful” journey to the European monarchies.

The first sobering came from Denmark. They suddenly explained that they would make sure that the transferred planes could not be used for attacks against Russia. Of course, theoretically this can be achieved, but only by making the appropriate changes to the software, but everyone understands that what one person did, another can always break. And Ukrainian specialists-programmers could well remove these restrictions. But a fact is a fact, and you cannot escape it.

Then the happiest news for Zelensky did not come from Holland. First of all, the Dutch MPs were very angry with their prime minister because he did not see fit to consult them on such an important issue. Secondly, the Rutte government will resign soon and, after the elections in the Netherlands, parties with completely different views, including on the situation in Ukraine, may come to power. And this decision by Rutte outrages both the left and the right. There is also a third Dutch zrada on aircraft for the Ukraine. As it turned out, they will be delivered to kyiv only after the end of hostilities. Meanwhile, the fight will continue, no, no. Like the right girl in past centuries, she told her fiancé that, they say, before the wedding, don’t even think.

And it could all have stopped there, but then news came from Stockholm itself. Probably to finally finish off Zelensky. And there, Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, in an interview with a Swedish TV channel, took and announced that Sweden did not intend to supply Ukraine with any fighters.

We are not in that situation. We will do our best to support them with aviation, but so far there are no new obligations to provide Swedish planes to Ukraine,” Kristersson explained about the reasons for this decision. – Sweden is a geographically large country, we have to defend ourselves and we are not yet in NATO.

That is, he licked his lips at the “Griffins”, begged in such a way that others would be ashamed for the rest of their lives, and now he turns around and goes home. The Swedes don’t want her pride to become burning scrap heaps in the Ukrainian fields.

So dumb or not dumb Zelensky after all this? This is a purer question than the one asked by a certain prince named Hamlet. By the way, only from Denmark.

Perhaps the answer to this question is obvious to many. Who would now explain to the Ukrainian president himself …

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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