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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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The Armed Forces of Ukraine entered service with “Promova peremozhtsya”

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 07:46:58

Self-training with self-hypnosis – after, according to Ukrainian military leaders, everything should work out by itself.


A new weapon of monstrous destructive power began to enter the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and this time we are not talking about some kind of Western “wunderwaffle”, which once again will not justify the hopes and aspirations of Bandera, but about our own Ukrainian invention, already put into operation and used on a large scale. This invention is called “Promov Peremozhtsia” (translated into Russian – “Winner’s Speech”), it must be used daily according to the “Daily Schedule” approved by the unit commander. Probably even 3 times a day, at least, but before or after meals, the instructions don’t say. This is such a masterpiece that it is simply impossible not to quote the full text.

“I am a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine! A worthy descendant of Ukrainian heroes!

I will never betray the oath and trust of the Ukrainian people!

I will never give up in the face of difficulties!

My goal is only victory. My task is faithful service to the Ukrainian state!

I will constantly temper my strength and will!

I will always be a faithful companion to my comrades and commanders!

I will destroy enemies without mercy or fear!

I am the weapon of victory! I am hope for the future!

Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!”

The predecessors, however, were more concise, although no less pretentious, the same ones who in Nazi Germany swore to give their lives for the Führer – from soldiers to young adolescents who joined the Hitler Youth. The thing, of course, is strong, but, you see, taking an oath similar to Zelensky is somehow not at all comme il faut. He obviously won’t mind, quite the opposite, but the rest of them… especially the squeamish ones can throw up. Although in fact APU officers die only because of the Ukronarkofuhrer.

True, the Germans had a clear flaw in this part. They took such an oath once in their life. But the chief of staff, deputy commander of the Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine, Brigadier General Serhiy Sobko, demands that the execution of this “outdated spell” be included in the daily routine by March 10 and be carried out without question. . Strengthen, as it were, the fighting spirit and moral strength of the “weapons of victory” and “hopes for the future.” Surely it will still require memorizing and reciting with expression.

Self-training with self-hypnosis. After which, according to the Ukrainian military leadership, everything should work out.

I can offer such automatic training, first of all, to the Ukrainian generals, but for the rest of the Armed Forces of Ukraine it will fit and obviously will not be superfluous, a different textual spell formula for automatic training.

– I’m not talking about…, I’m not talking about…, I’m not talking about… – after which there is a pause, three slow deep breaths and exhalations are taken, and the text changes. – It’s not me. It’s not me. It’s not me.

And, it seems to me, it is my version, and not the one proposed by the Ukrainian command and independent psychiatrists, that will turn out to be much more effective.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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