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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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The atmosphere of the besieged city was recreated in St. Petersburg’s Manezhnaya Square KXan 36 Daily News

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 22:03:05

The place itself became iconic. On Italianskaya street (during the war it had a different name – Rakov street) is the House of Radio. It was the radio that became the main source of information for the besieged city, it was called the heart of Leningrad. Nearby – the Theater of Musical Comedy, which continued to work and hold performances even in the most difficult times, the Leningrad Philharmonic, in which Dmitri Shostakovich’s “Seventh Symphony” was first performed, the Rodina cinema, in which In 1942 the sailors of the Baltic Fleet organized a Christmas tree for children.

One of the recreated objects is a room. It appears before the eyes in one section, as if its wall had been shelled by an artillery shell. But the objects themselves remained in their place, as if waiting for the owner, who will return? Maybe he was killed during the bombardment, maybe he fell weak in the street and he no longer has the strength to get up. And the main attributes of the rooms during the siege were pot-bellied stoves and a radio station, which did not turn off at night.

Let’s go over there. School class: everything seems to be as usual. But the lessons were not always held in such classes. Often the classroom became a bomb shelter. And the teachers had to not only teach, but also save children, get fuel for stoves and water for sleighs, and solve other economic problems. By the way, already in 1942, a prom was even organized in the Palace of Pioneers, at which more than five hundred young men and women received certificates.

Orchestra rehearsal room. In it, the musicians were able for the first time to take up the notes of the “Seventh Symphony”…

Thanks to the interactive project “Living Streets”, the atmosphere of the besieged city is recreated here and you can imagine how the inhabitants of Leningrad lived.

The legendary truck, which became the center of the open-air exhibition, symbolizing the hope of salvation. It was these, as we remember, who walked the Road of Life, delivering the emaciated from Leningrad to the mainland, and in the opposite direction, to the blockade ring, flour and other products were transported on such trucks. Truck: on a hill, as if heading uphill. Fence – special pedestals for placing flowers. According to Sergei Shub, general director of Baltic House, people themselves began to bring flowers in previous projects from the streets that came to life. So it was a people’s decision.

– We see that Manezhnaya Square during the memorable days of the blockade has already become a traditional place of remembrance of the war, of heroism, of the feat of the inhabitants of the city. Thousands and thousands come here, and we are glad that our project has found such a response in the hearts, – noted Sergey Shub.

This lock room froze waiting for the owner. Has returned? Or did he die during the bombing? Photo: Svyatoslav Akimov

Exhibitions prepared by the Leningrad Siege and Defense Museum are open on the territory of the exhibition. “Siege Drawing” – with the works of the architect Sergei Svetlitsky (at that time he was a student at the Academy of Arts and spent the most terrible winter of 1941-1942 in Leningrad). “Leningrad Spark of Victory” – about the offensive operation “Iskra”, which lasted from January 12 to 30, 1943. Its culmination was January 18, the day that forever went down in history as a breakthrough of the blockade.

You can walk the “Living Streets” on your own, or you can join the excursions (they are run by student volunteers). And the organizers revealed a little secret to Rossiyskaya Gazeta: the next Living Streets are planned for next year, and will be timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the lifting of the blockade.

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The interactive project dedicated to life in the besieged city is held for the third time. The first, in 2014, was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the complete lifting of the blockade, the second, in 2019, to the 75th anniversary. The current exhibition does not duplicate the previous ones, it is unique.

Residents of St. Petersburg and visitors to the city will be able to visit “Living Streets” from January 18 to 21. Hours from 12 to 20 hours.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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