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Monday, December 11, 2023
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The ban on foreign words and the withdrawal of the nuclear weapons treaty: Vladimir Putin signed important laws

Date: December 11, 2023 Time: 08:54:56

Russian President Vladimir Putin.


To be more precise, Vladimir Putin signed 19 new laws. Some of them are quite noisy:

Foreign language ban?

Many media published news with headlines: “The President signed the law on the inadmissibility of the use of foreign words.” We are talking about amendments to the law “On the State Language of Russia.”

In fact, the journalists got a little confused. Vladimir Vladimirovich really introduced such a ban – only 9 years ago!

Text: “When using the Russian language as the state language of the Russian Federation, it is not allowed to use words and expressions that do not meet the standards of the modern Russian literary language (including obscene language), with the exception of foreign words that do not have commonly used analogues in the Russian language”, became law in 2014.

Now a clarification is introduced that only those foreign words that are “contained in standard dictionaries” (these are those approved by the government) can be used.

Another real innovation: the use of foreign words that have analogues in Russian in the official correspondence of “organizations of all forms of ownership” is prohibited. That is, in the correspondence of private companies. Prior to this, the ban applied only to official government agencies.

The changes in the legislation are designed to cleanse the Russian language of the frequent use of new loan words that have well-known analogues. Photo: Vladimir Smirnov/TASS

And the authorities were also allowed to carry out linguistic expertise in the development of regulatory documents. This is not an obligation, but a right, if the authors of the documents are not sure of their own knowledge of the language.

In addition, federal authorities were instructed to take “information resources” where text literacy can be quickly checked.


Amendments to the Statistical Accounting Law now allow the government to “temporarily suspend” the publication of official statistics. Apparently, this was done in order to make it more difficult for hostile countries to understand the real state of affairs in the country. True, it will also be difficult for everyone else to assess this in numbers, and not in personal feelings.


Military retirees, who have re-entered the service, will retain the increased pensions.

We are talking about the payment of pensions to former military and other security officials who decided to resume service in the Armed Forces and other military formations during the period of the fight against terrorism and other operations outside Russia or were called up for military service in mobilization . .

The point is this: if a retiree returned to service, but his position or salary is lower than before retirement, then after the second dismissal, the pension could be reduced. This was deemed unfair and legally cancelled.


Now school buses or just transporting children can travel on the toll roads for free.

School buses will not have to pay highway tolls.

Photo: Alexey BULATOV


Since our country is no longer a member of the Council of Europe, we have withdrawn from several international treaties. Here are a few:

– Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

– European Convention for the Suppression of Terrorism.

– The European Charter of Local Autonomy (the document establishes that local municipalities are an integral part of democracy).

– Criminal Law Convention on Corruption.


Russia has suspended the operation of the treaty on the reduction of strategic offensive arms. The decision to return to the treaty or not will be made by the president in the future.

The explanatory note to the law says: “The Treaty contains provisions on the reduction and limitation of strategic offensive weapons. To ensure control of compliance with the provisions of the Agreement, each of the Parties has the right to carry out inspection activities. At the same time, the United States is knowingly in breach of its obligations under the Treaty in this area of ​​activity.”

During his speech to the Federal Assembly, Vladimir Putin put it most clearly:

– We know that the West is directly involved in the attempts of the kyiv regime to attack the bases of our strategic aviation. The drones used for this were equipped and modernized with the help of NATO specialists. And now they also want to inspect our defense facilities? In the current conditions of today’s confrontation, this sounds like a kind of nonsense, the president said in his message.

START-3 is an agreement between Russia and the United States on the mutual reduction of nuclear arsenals. It entered into force on February 5, 2011 for a period of ten years. The agreement was signed by Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama. In January 2021, the parties extended the contract until February 5, 2026.

The agreement allows each of the countries to have only a limited amount of certain equipment and ammunition:

* 700 deployed ICBMs, submarine-launched ballistic missiles and heavy bombers.

* 1550 nuclear warheads in the listed equipment.

The story goes back to the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty between the USSR and the United States. The first was signed in 1972. The two superpowers agreed to avoid a runaway arms race. And keep the balance in the world. Subsequently, the agreements with the Russian Federation were renegotiated.

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