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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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The bandits have a disaster – a pensioner in the investigation. Elena Yakovleva in the role of a teacher excited the new series.

Date: June 3, 2023 Time: 10:20:46

The murders are one more mysterious than the other and attract the former teacher. Photo: Russia 1

Don’t be fooled by the name of the series: this story has nothing to do with the story of Chekhov. Except this time everything happens by the sea, and the heroine also has a dog (although not a white spitz, but a border collie).

But the name of the character of Elena Yakovleva sends to the right place. The retired math teacher’s name is Agata Denisovna for a reason: it’s a transparent allusion to her unintentional hobby, much like the heroine of Agatha Christie’s books about Miss Marple.

The young woman buried her husband and, in order not to yearn alone, moved to her daughter Tanya (Irina Tarannik) and son-in-law Viktor (Alexander Dziuba), who live in an elite village. Her daughter expects her mother to help her with the children and she would be happy for her, but circumstances intervened. Agata Denisovna becomes an accidental witness to the murder, the mystery of the sad incident captures her headlong, and she volunteers to help the investigator Eduard (Sergey Peregudov), her former student. The neighbor, the retired judge Igor (Alexander Baluev), also cannot remain indifferent. Together they solve the case, luck inspires them and the trio formed by a policeman and two enthusiastic retirees begin new investigations.

Agata Denisovna also remembers her relatives: she builds relationships with her grandchildren and helps her daughter navigate the rapids of the turbulent river of family life. Meanwhile, a spark flew between the ex-teacher and Igor…

“The Lady with the Dog” is a leisurely and ironic detective story, very homely and welcoming.

Russia 1.

“Lady with a dog”.

Monday – Thursday, 21.20.


Amazing Ilyin Jr. closes gestalts

The hero is full of his own problems, but all the time he has to solve strangers. Photo: STS

In the dramedy* “Shut the Gestalt!”** the midlife crisis theme was packaged in a shell of fantasy. However, this did not prevent the realism of the plot.

The manager of a car dealership, Fedor Yartsev, is at the top of this crisis. It seems to him that everything is because the mortgage is pressing and there is less and less understanding with his wife, but the case helps him to realize that the matter is in internal conflicts. He falls from the 20th floor, but doesn’t get a scratch, instead he wins a gift. Now he is haunted by the souls of the dead: mother-in-law, a physical education teacher, strippers, a bandit from the 90s, a famous actor, an Internet troll and even his father, whom Fedya did not know, since he died at 19. Everyone wants Yartsev to help them deal with earthly sins and go to heaven already. In addition to his father (Denis Vlasenko): a boy with a barely broken mustache intends to re-educate his son who grew up without him.

Ridiculous in its way, this is a very honest story of one man’s final coming of age. The main role was played by Alexander Ilyin Jr., whom everyone knows from his character Lobanov in Interns. You’ve never seen this actor like this before.


“Shut down the gestalt!”

Monday – Thursday, 22.00.

*Dramedi: that’s what tragicomedies are called in the series industry (from the words “drama” and “comedy”).

** Gestalt is a complex concept in psychology. In Gestalt therapy, the expression in the title of the series means solving a problem that torments the person, which is unconscious for them, but which causes anxiety and depression.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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