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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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The Belarusian ambassador spoke about cooperation between Belarus and the Kaluga region – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 04:48:35

The memorial complex “Nameless Height” is located 215 kilometers from Kaluga. Here, in September 1943, 18 Siberian soldiers engaged in unequal combat with several Nazi infantry units, in total about 300 people. The Siberians fought selflessly, only two survived. It was these events that inspired the poet Mikhail Matusovsky and the composer Veniamin Basner to create a song, thanks to which the entire country became aware of the Nameless Height.

…Thousands of Kaluga residents took part in the current celebrations. Dmitry Krutoy, together with Governor Vladislav Shapsha, members of the Federation Council and deputies of the State Duma of Russia, representatives of the clergy and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, laid flowers before the Eternal Flame at the Memorial Complex of the Nameless Height and in the Graves of Soviet soldiers.

Speaking at the rally, the head of the Belarusian diplomatic mission conveyed the sincere congratulations of the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, and the Belarusian people and affirmed that the history of the Great Patriotic War is sacred for all Belarusians and Russians. “As the Ambassador of Belarus, it is a great honor for me to participate in this event. The leading role in the Victory belongs to the Soviet people. Our leader, the President of Belarus, often says that the Great Victory is our common and our greatest asset ”Dmitri Krutói stressed.

In a solemn atmosphere, a tombstone with the lyrics of the song “At a Nameless Height” was inaugurated. It is on a par with the Tree of Peace, into the roots of which the soil of all military monuments and burial places of soldiers in the Kaluga region is poured, and the exhibition “Burning Warsaw”, a map of the heroic places of the region, and other attractions of the memorial complex.

For everyone present, the Bryansk military sports club “PATRIOT” with an airborne profile held brilliant demonstrations, there were also field kitchens where you could have a snack, young people showed great interest in five interactive platforms: “Headquarters”, “Center medical”, “Battle preparation”, “Weapons crew” and “Communication point”, which presented the living conditions of soldiers in the field. Reenactors in military uniforms from those years brought an exhibition of historical-military equipment to the monument. .

And they enthusiastically told everyone how, for example, the German Zundapp motorcycle differs from the BMW.

The traveling exhibition of the Belarusian Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War also aroused great interest. Her queue for her did not seem to diminish until the moment when the first chords of the gala concert sounded on the main stage.

And, by the way, thanks to the lack of cellular communication at the memorial site (we checked, there was practically no way to communicate with anyone by phone), the spectators were able to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the holiday.


After the ceremonial events on the Bezymyannaya height, “UNION” asked several questions to the Belarusian ambassador to Russia Dmitry Krutoy.

Dmitry Nikolaevich, you are a frequent visitor to the Kaluga land. Where does this interest come from?

Dmitry Krutoy: We have good relations with the residents of Kaluga. Trade turnover this year is expected to be $750 million. Kaluga will be one of the 15 most important regions for us in terms of cooperation.

What areas of cooperation can you highlight?

Dmitry Krutoy: Belarusians built nine social facilities in Kaluga and, as the governor said, they never failed either in terms of time or quality. We will add sports facilities: biathlon and rowing complexes, several sports and recreational complexes, infrastructure facilities, including a railway station… We are talking about plans to build a dairy complex. The second important direction is industry, we have a number of new positions, in particular metal structures. Belarusian furniture, pulp and paper products are also in great demand in the region.

What does Belarus receive from the inhabitants of Kaluga?

Dmitry Krutoy: Mainly polymers, polyethylenes and polyurethanes. And also food for dogs and cats.

Any news on transportation projects?

Dmitry Krutoy: At the Mercator plant there is an agreement according to which next year they will receive three times as many components from us. Another important project is our BelAZ. Currently, a prototype of the Kaluga engine has been installed on a 90-ton dump truck and is being tested.

Logistics issues are very important nowadays…

Dmitry Krutoy: Yes, a working group has been created that is studying the possibilities of the Kaluga Freight Village project, which is container trains to China. We would like to “marry” it with our Great Stone industrial park in terms of user experience. It would be good to charter some container trains for Belarusian cargo, including those traveling to China.

What is the status of the development of transport connections between the region and Belarus?

Dmitry Krutoy: Now there will be direct flights on Thursdays and Sundays. Air traffic is mainly used for business, but ordinary Kaluga residents also like to fly to Minsk for tourist purposes.

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