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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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The best lawn mowers in 2024: rating, how to choose – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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What is the difference between a lawnmower and a lawnmower? Which lawn mowers are best: the pros and cons of the different types Gasoline lawn mowers Electric lawn mowers Cordless lawn mowers Lawn mowers for uneven areas Mechanical lawn mowers The best lawn mower manufacturers The best gasoline lawn mowers: top 3 The best electric lawn mowers: top 3 Best cordless lawn mowers for mowing: top 3 Best lawn mowers for uneven areas: top 3 Best mechanical lawn mowers: top 3 General selection recommendations, expert advice

How is a lawnmower different from a lawnmower?

Formally, a lawn mower and a lawn mower (lawn mower) perform the same functions, but in reality they do not replace each other, but complement each other. A lawnmower is a four-wheeled (less often two-wheeled) unit designed for relatively large, flat lawns (more than 2 to 3 acres). With a walk-behind mower, you can cut grass, weeds, and even shrubs along flower beds, paths, fences, in elevation changes, or simply clear an overgrown brush area. The lawnmower is very mobile, but it is not at all suitable for evenly cutting grass. You can’t do this without a lawnmower.

Which lawnmowers are best: pros and cons of different types

Gasoline lawnmowers

Gasoline lawnmowers are best for large areas as they do not require access to electricity. Gasoline lawn mowers are usually self-propelled and do not need to be pushed in front of you while you work. This design is particularly easy to use. In addition, one of the advantages of gasoline lawnmowers is their great power, which allows you to tackle any grass and even weeds. The maximum power of this type of lawn mower ranges between 2000 W and 5000 W.

Among the disadvantages, it is worth highlighting the greater weight compared to electric ones. In addition, gasoline lawnmowers require maintenance (changing oil, filters, spark plugs), make more noise during operation and are less environmentally friendly due to the presence of an internal combustion engine.

electric lawnmowers

Electric lawn mowers are lighter and more economical than gasoline ones and operate with minimal noise. The power is usually less than that of gasoline ones, but a woman can easily handle them.

The disadvantages of this design are the need for constant connection to an outlet and the use of an extension cord when mowing the grass. During operation, this cable must be periodically repositioned so that it does not lie under the mower blade, which slows down work. Typically, electric lawnmowers have a power between 1000W and 2500W.

Cordless lawnmowers

Cordless lawnmowers combine the advantages of electric lawnmowers and minimal noise during operation, but without the disadvantage of a power outlet and extension cord.

The downside is the cost and weight of this type of lawn mower. Both parameters are higher than those of electric models, but the power is lower, up to 1000 W. Battery lawnmowers work for 15 to 30 minutes without a break until the battery runs out, which is a disadvantage when processing large surfaces.

Lawn mower for irregular areas

For uneven areas, it is worth considering powerful self-propelled models with large wheels, as well as a speed switch. This allows you to overcome bumps and obstacles without much effort. You also need to pay attention to the location of the motor. In powerful models it is located on the top, in normal ones it is integrated into the body.

The disadvantage is the higher price and weight of these models.

mechanical lawnmowers

Mechanical lawn mowers are the least popular today as they require physical strength to cut. They are significantly less efficient than other types of mowers and are only suitable for level lawns. Not suitable for tall grass. However, these devices can help when the cutting area is small, it is not possible to mow the grass with a gasoline lawnmower, there is no electricity, and it is not practical to purchase an expensive battery.

The best lawnmower manufacturers.

Choosing a lawn mower:

In the budget segment we can pay attention to the Huter and Deko brands; in the mid-budget segment, Bosch, Makita and Greenworks; in the premium segment, the Champion, Makita and Hyundai brands;

The best gasoline lawnmowers: top 3

The best option in this category is Huter GLM-460ST (25.5 thousand rubles). The high-power model, 5 HP, is equipped with a metal body, making it more resistant to impacts from stones and other objects that fall into the work area. The lawnmower is equipped with high-strength steel blades. The cutting width is 46 cm. There is a 7-level central adjustment of the cutting height. Other advantages are: self-propelled design, large grass collector (60 l), mulching function (grass shredding).

Disadvantages: weight (35.6 kg). There is no special plug to drain used oil. There is no speed control.

Huter GLM-460ST. Photo: Huter

You can also see the models:

CHAMPION LM4630 (30.5 thousand rubles)

Powerful – 4.1 HP – self-propelled lawnmower with a cutting width of 45.7 mm. Cutting height: 25-75 mm. There is a mulching function and a grass catcher. With one refill of the tank you can mow an area of ​​15 acres. Suitable for areas with difficult terrain. Equipped with a Loncin motor with automatic speed control.

Disadvantages: despite the high price, there is no automatic start, it weighs 34.2 kg.


Patriot PT42LS (24.8 thousand rubles).

Relatively light (23.6 kg), wheel drive and folding handle, gasoline lawnmower. Cutting width 41 cm Height 25-75 mm. Big rear wheels.

Disadvantages: The cutting width is smaller than the competition and the volume of the grass catcher is only 40 liters.

Patriot PT42LS. Photo: Patriota

The best electric lawn mowers: top 3

An excellent option among electric lawn mowers would be the Bosch Rotak 320 ER model (11 thousand rubles). This is one of the most popular lawn mowers. Light, economical, simple. It works out of the box and requires no setup or preparation. Despite its small dimensions, the engine power is sufficient to cut tall grass. By using special guides, you can trim areas along walls, fences and lawns. The grass catcher is equipped with a carrying handle.

Disadvantages: small grass catcher volume of 31 liters, small cutting width of 32 cm.

Bosch Rotak 320ER. Photo: Bosch

Recommended models include:

Zubr GSTs-42-2000 (13.9 thousand rubles)

A fairly powerful lawn mower with a large cutting width of 42 mm, good power of 2 kW and large rear wheels.

Disadvantages: there is no provision for fixing the hinged lid when working without a box, short cable

Bison GST-42-2000. Photo: “Bisonte”

Makita ELM3320 (15.6 thousand rubles).

Lawn mower from a famous Japanese manufacturer. It has a grass collector with fill indicator and mulching function. The cutting height can be adjusted between 2 and 5.5 cm using a three-position regulator. There are three handle height positions.

Disadvantages: Heavier (10.2 kg) than the Bosch Rotak 320 ER (7.8 kg), not a very large grass catcher, the most expensive electric lawnmower in the review.

MakitaELM3320. Photo: Makita

Best cordless lawn mowers: top 3

The optimal choice in terms of price/quality ratio among cordless lawnmowers is the GD40LM46SPK4 model from Greenworks (41 thousand rubles). Self-propelled model, which comes with 2 batteries and charger.

The GD40LM46SPK4 is a fairly powerful lawnmower for this class. Consider the possibility of changing the speed of movement for more comfortable work, cutting tall grass and weeds. The cutting width is 46 cm. The grass catcher is quite spacious: 55 l. The cutting height is adjustable from 2.5 to 8 cm. The lawnmower is equipped with an advanced low-vibration brushless motor that requires virtually no maintenance.

Disadvantages: weight 28 kg. Charging time from 50 minutes when using a fast charger (6A) and 150 minutes when charging with a charger (2A).

Green Works GD40LM46SPK4. Photo: Greenworks

We can also recommend the following battery models:

Makita DLM481CT2 (98 thousand rubles)

Lawn mower with a large cutting width of 48 cm and greater protection against water and dust. There is a full indicator on the grass catcher. The model is self-propelled, with speed regulation from 2.5 to 5 km/h. There are 10 positions to adjust the cutting height. There is a quilting function. The grass catcher has a large capacity of 62 liters.

Disadvantages: high price and weight 29.3 kg.

Makita DLM481CT2. Photo: Makita

DENZEL RLMS560-62 (78 thousand rubles)

Self-propelled lawn mower with brushless motor and a very large cutting width of 56 cm. It has side discharge and mulching function to fertilize the soil. It works relatively silently and has a very large grass catcher: 70 liters.

Disadvantages: heavy (40.5 kg), only one battery included.


The best lawnmowers for irregular areas: top 3

A self-propelled model with large (28 cm) rear wheels, which can be recommended for uneven terrain, is CHAMPION LM5345 (37.5 thousand rubles). This is one of the most powerful Champion lawn mowers, allowing it to be used in irregular areas with long grass, as well as for maintaining a normal lawn. High productivity is ensured by a powerful motor and a large blade width of 53 cm, which significantly increases the cutting speed on large surfaces. And comfortable grass cutting in uneven areas is achieved thanks to the self-propelled design and large diameter wheels with high torque.

Disadvantages: Weight (40 kg) and lack of electric start at a high price.


Models also worthy of attention:

Huter GLM-5.0 SP (30 thousand rubles)

Powerful self-propelled lawnmower (5 HP) with a cutting width of 46 cm. It has side discharge and mulching function.

Disadvantages: 50 l grass collector (for difficult areas with weeds this is not much), the speed of movement is not adjustable. Weight 39 kilos.

Huter GLM-5.0 SP. Photo: Huter

Hyundai L 4620S (30 thousand rubles)

Self-propelled lawnmower with an engine power of 3.8 HP, a cutting width of 46 cm and a large capacity grass catcher. Light weight for a lawn mower of this type: only 25.2 kg.

Disadvantages: tank capacity is less than 1 liter (0.9), no side discharge of grass.

Hyundai L 4620S. Photo: Hyundai

The best mechanical lawnmowers: top 3

CHAMPION MM4026 (6.5 thousand rubles) is an inexpensive option that allows you to keep your lawn in good condition. It works silently and respectfully with the environment. More effective on flat lawns. All parts used to assemble the device are made of high-quality and durable materials.

Disadvantages: low handle for tall people. It is advisable to use it in dry weather, as the wheels can slip on wet grass. Grass catcher is not included.


You can also pay attention to the models:

EINHELL GC-HM 400 (7.8 thousand rubles)

The 5 blade knife is good for young grass and a 27 liter grass catcher is included.

Disadvantages: the attachment of the grass catcher is not rigid enough. Suitable for smooth surfaces and work in dry weather.


Gardena 400 Classic (13.8 thousand rubles).

Premium brand mechanical lawn mower with high quality steel blade and foldable handle, large wheels with good grip

Disadvantages: high price, suitable only for young grass, collector not included.

Gardena 400 Classic. Photo: Gardena

General recommendations for selection, expert advice.

When choosing a lawn mower, first of all, you need to pay attention to the area of ​​​​the site, who will use the tool for work – a woman or a man – and who will maintain it. It must be remembered that gasoline lawnmowers are more difficult to maintain and operate. Among the technical characteristics, there are three main types of lawnmowers: gasoline, electric and battery-powered. The main properties of lawn mowers that you should pay attention to and on which the quality of lawn care and the ease of use of the tool will depend:

Cutting width; cutting height; Engine power; Construction type (self-propelled/non-self-propelled); Presence/absence of mulching function (a garden equipment option used to quickly process cut grass to fertilize the lawn).

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