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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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The best paid and unlinked accounts for the most savers

Date: June 16, 2024 Time: 03:24:05

Faced with the link required by other financial products, remunerated accounts are planted, aimed at those users who do not want to tie their savings to a specific term, such as deposits, but who do want to get the most out of them. This type of account allows the client to access their money whenever they need it without any commission or penalty, with interesting returns.

In this way, banks obtain liquidity and new clients that can ensure future income. In return, users will make their money profitable without risk, since it is a fixed-term investment, and unlike payroll accounts, also remunerated, without having to domicile their periodic income or receipts or sign a commitment to stay with the entity . Among the entities that have the best offers are Banco Sabadell, MyInvestor, Trade Republic, Renault Bank, Pibank, Orange Bank and Openbank. Their maximums to invest are high, so they are alternatives for big savers.

Banco Sabadell offers a remuneration of 2.00 APR for twelve months. Specifically, this offer is limited to a maximum balance of 30,000 euros. However, the accounts proposed by MyInvestor and Trade Republic, an investment services company, raise the maximum amount to be remunerated to 50,000 euros, maintaining the same return as the Banco Sabadell offer.

Openbank, for its part, is committed to buying even more than that limit, up to 100,000 euros. However, the profitability that it proposes drops to 1.00% APR in one year. The neobank Orange Bank allows savings to be made profitable up to 200,000 euros, an offer that will come into force on March 1. However, the interest offered varies if you are a customer of the operator or not. For the former, the return is 1.5%. For those who are not, the remuneration offered remains at 1.3%.

Lastly, Renault Bank and Pibank stand out for proposing interest-bearing accounts with no investment limit, which allows savers to bet all their money on the same entity to gain simplicity. However, the fact that these neobanks do not limit the maximum amount to be remunerated is at the cost of offering a lower return than the rest of the offers. Renault Bank has raised the interest on its Cuenta Contigo to 1.61% annual APR, while Pibank cancels the return at 1.00%.

This wide range of financial possibilities allows the user to diversify, if desired, their savings. Those clients who have a larger capital can opt for the entity that guarantees them the most benefits. In this case, the client may cover the maximums established by MyInvestor, Trade Republic and Banco Sabadell. After filling these accounts, you will have the option to choose other financial options, even for those that do not have limits on the amount of investment, in order not to lose possible benefits.

Faced with this option, there is that of other large savers who prefer not to worry about distributing their money, and opt for options that do not place limits on these balances that are going to generate income. Keep in mind that the greater that investment, the greater the benefit.

Who guarantees the money invested?

From the financial comparator HelpMyCash, they point out that bank customers with a large amount of money “must bear in mind, first, that the Deposit Guarantee Fund (FGD) only protects the first 100,000 euros that the customer has in each bank, therefore that if they exceed that figure, it is convenient to distribute the money among several entities.”

In this case, the Spanish FGD covers interest-bearing accounts offered by Pibank, Openbank, MyInvestor and Banco Sabadell. Renault Bank and Orange Bank, for their part, guarantee the former. Finally, the savings of holders present at Trade Republic are guaranteed by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). “After all, savers who bet on leaving their money in a remunerated account seek liquidity and security and the FGD provides guarantees,” they point out from the comparator.

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