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Friday, February 3, 2023
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The best therapy is simply to love yourself.

Date: February 3, 2023 Time: 12:24:28

Ekaterina Syatkina. personal file photo

In Russia, according to experts, 150,000 people are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The disease is incurable, but there are drugs that slow down the pathological process. Multiple sclerosis is also considered a disease of the young, and for most of them the news of the diagnosis sounds like a bolt from the blue. But the support of loved ones and strict compliance with the doctor’s recommendations can allow the patient to live a full life. Ekaterina Syatkina learned about the disease from her at the age of 20. She not only coped with the blow, but she also found the strength to help other patients. We recommend that everyone read this text. It’s not about the disease, it’s about us.


It all started in 2017. I was often attacked by dizziness, my hands and face went numb, my vision temporarily “dropped”, weakness appeared. I did an MRI but then nothing was found on it. And only three years later, the cause of my ailments became clear. One morning in July 2020, I felt numbness in my arm again, but this time it went down to the tips of my left toes in 5 days and spread all over the left side of my body. I have gone to the neurologist. The doctor immediately ordered an MRI, where they found several head injuries and an active one in the neck. The next day I’m in the hospital, the doctors talk about his suspicions. Like any 20-year-old girl, she knew nothing about multiple sclerosis. Although “sclerosis” is often referred to colloquially as memory impairment in old age, the diagnosis of “multiple sclerosis” is not related to either senile “sclerosis” or absent-mindedness. It turned out that multiple sclerosis is a disease of the young. A few days later, after further investigation, I was informed that I was one of these young men. The doctors diagnosed me with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.


Complete confusion. Lots of questions. I went to the internet looking for answers. I was frankly unlucky with the first sources of information. I read so much that I no longer doubted that in five years I would only be able to get around in a wheelchair. A feeling of despair came over my head. Fortunately, at this stage I received great support from my family and friends. Especially from my husband and my mother. They have become the most reliable support for me.

Perhaps the care and support of relatives is one of the main reasons for my speedy recovery. Within three months of pulse therapy, the sensitivity of the left side of the body returned, I became more mobile and began to actively develop in my main hobby. Since 2016 I take shots and photographic retouching. And in 2020, as soon as my energy started to come back, I realized that I wanted to turn my hobby into a job. And finally, do what you love. And I did it

I need a man

As my exacerbation wore off, I continued to learn about my disease. But she did it much calmer and more correctly. I talked a lot with the doctors. I was so excited about the study that I quickly realized that I needed a more experienced “colleague” in terms of diagnosis. Anyone who has lived with multiple sclerosis for a long time knows a lot about it, has developed certain rules, and in general is an example of the fact that this disease is not a sentence. The positive experience from him could be a great motivation for me. It would help me believe that the maintenance therapy is helping and that there will be no flare-ups. Unfortunately, at that time I could not find such a person. A little later, I myself decided to become such a person for others. I started keeping an online archival journal, leaving me memories of my life with multiple sclerosis. And only a year later, when I saw that subscriber activity was growing, I decided to create a channel on Zen.

Everyone is in danger!

There are many risk factors for multiple sclerosis, and doctors continue to explore how one or another factor may become a trigger for the disease. But it is better to let the doctors tell you about them. I can only share my experience. In my case, a deficiency of vitamins, mainly vitamin D, constant overwork and prolonged severe stress can be considered a risk factor. He was an ardent perfectionist, he needed to do everything with high quality, beautifully and best of all. I strove to be the leader in everything. All this led to frequent nervous breakdowns. It is stress that I consider the main factor that led me to multiple sclerosis. Now I don’t get nervous over trifles, I don’t strive to be the leader in everything, I try to devote more time to myself and my thoughts, feelings and physical condition. And it helps a lot to live in harmony with yourself.

Ekaterina Syatkina. personal file photo

Do you need a person? It’s me!

I created a blog. I wanted it to become a patient support portal where we could share experiences with each other. I read a lot, talked to doctors, monitored my condition, and based on all this, I wrote articles to help my readers and subscribers. I called my blog “Scattered World”. And about a year later, I was introduced to the BETALIFE portal and mobile app, which helps multiple sclerosis patients and their loved ones. On the portal you can learn about the features of multiple sclerosis, how to behave in a certain situation, and also about what, in fact, these situations can be. I realized that this source of information was not enough for me in the first days after the diagnosis. Now I use this resource all the time. At the same time, I always say that the information on the network cannot be used for self-diagnosis or treatment, and expert webinars will not replace a personal consultation with a doctor. You can study your disease on your own, but make all important decisions regarding treatment only in consultation with your doctor.


Like I said, multiple sclerosis cannot be cured. However, drugs can slow down the pathological process. That’s what they’re called: course-changing drugs for multiple sclerosis, or PMTs for short. There are many names, and I, of course, will not talk about them. Each case is individual, and doctors prescribe the drug that suits each individual patient. Its main task is to block the processes that destroy the myelin sheath of nerves. The doctor said that strict compliance with the prescribed therapy gives a chance for a favorable course of the disease, for life in remission, without exacerbations. I was prescribed a medication that must be injected every two days subcutaneously. At first, some kind of self-preservation instinct flared up in me: how am I going to inject myself? So I decided: diabetics inject insulin, and I will inject PITRS. From now on, I follow all the recommendations of the doctors. I also know that an original Russian drug that changes the course of multiple sclerosis is being developed, which will only need to be administered twice a month.

DIY medicine

After starting treatment, I completely changed my lifestyle. I switched to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, I try to get enough sleep. In general, I began to appreciate myself. And in three months I recovered, my hand was released, I became more active. Yes, those same symptoms occur periodically: tingling, numbness. But I’m not afraid anymore, I already know what to do in those moments. I learned to live with my illness, I accepted myself with it and I feel healthy.

remember everything

Multiple sclerosis requires a person to constantly monitor his well-being. I keep a symptom diary in the BETALIFE app, I try to describe everything that happens to me. If a new symptom appears or a known one worsens, and this continues for more than 5 days, you should call your doctor, who will make an appointment and book you in for an MRI. Recently, my left hand began to go numb again, but within three days it was all gone. I had the flu at the time, plus I know that as the temperature rises, the symptoms can get worse. In addition to exacerbations, we can also have pseudo-exacerbations. Doctors can always orient themselves in the situation, but we must help them. So when I go to my doctor, I just open the journal and I can tell exactly what happened to me and when. The doctor analyzes the information I have collected and gives more precise recommendations.

Eat well

Before my illness, I had not eaten meat for several years. And in 2016-2017, she was generally vegan. Products of animal origin are excluded from the diet. I lost a lot of weight because I just didn’t know how to properly balance a plant-based diet so that I had enough protein, fat, and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals. As a result, in 2020, when multiple sclerosis manifested itself, doctors found that I had a severe vitamin deficiency. I still don’t like meat, but now I know how to balance my diet more competently. But here everything is individual, you need to build on the recommendations of the doctor and his feelings.

Motivation for oneself and for others.

People who have just learned about their diagnosis need, above all, sincere support. I give them to you. I also explain why it is so important to find reliable sources of accurate information about multiple sclerosis. I encourage patients to treat their diagnosis as a test they must and can pass. And then I talk about everything I went through myself: PIDMS and the importance of taking therapy, keeping a symptom diary, the need to get rid of bad habits, love and appreciate yourself, stop worrying about nonsense and start doing what you really I like. Multi-year remission in multiple sclerosis is not a dream, but a goal, and it is quite achievable. The examples are many. It is enough to follow simple rules, and then you can live a full and happy life.

It is important

In my story I talked about doctors, medicines and sources of information about multiple sclerosis. I want to repeat: I give my experience in the treatment of the disease and the change of lifestyle only as an example. My history is not a medical recommendation and in no case should it be used for self-diagnosis and treatment. This experience should not replace consultation with your healthcare professional. Become a team with him, and win!

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