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Monday, December 4, 2023
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The betrayal of Arthur Smolyaninov *: how much the actor earned in hated Russia

Date: December 4, 2023 Time: 11:29:30

Smolyaninov became widely known for the role of Lyuty in the film “9th Company” (2005), directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk. Photo: Still from the film.

“Satan’s Address”

The scandalous statements of Artur Smolyaninov * excited the public. The artist not only said in an interview that he was ready to join the Ukrainian Armed Forces and take up arms, but also confirmed that he was not opposed to seeing Russia in the form of nuclear ash. The head of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, ordered to open a criminal case after the artist’s comments. The Kremlin did not see “nothing good” in Arthur’s words. The audience, who once admired the brutal and charming guy on the screen, is shocked: “How did he play Liuty so reliably in the 9th Company? We loved him and believed in him so much!”

The viewer can be forgiven for being naive: for some reason it is believed that a famous person, an actor in particular, must be smart. Or at least reasonable. This is rare in real life. And there is an explanation for that.

“Although one of my professions is acting, I am very critical of actors and acting,” Nikolai Burlyaev, People’s Artist of Russia, told KP about the Smolyaninov incident. – And for a long time already. Because I know the value of actors and acting. The price of artists playing the role of others, tuning in to the energy of others and missing their own life. The actors are very suggestible people, they depend on the direction. Therefore, it is now not surprising that Arthur fell under the leadership of Satan. To do? This is his tragedy.

It is known that in life Smolyaninov * is not as charming as on the screen. He has conflicts on the set, swears with journalists, divorced his wife, actress Daria Melnikova, who bore him two children. By the way, Arthur’s brother is in prison for a series of ethnically motivated murders. Apparently, hot blood is a hallmark of the Smolyaninovs.

Up to 100 thousand rubles per shooting day.

And everything seems to be clear with the eccentric actor: he left Russia last year (he escaped to Norway via Murmansk, and then seemed to settle in the US. right and left dirty country of origin. But what about the actor’s family? Who lived to his expenses and, of course, depends on every word of the star. Neighbors, friends, colleagues at work – everyone knows whose child Arthur is. And every day the parents of the 39-year-old rebel (mother – art teacher Maria Smolyaninova *, the father left the family when his son was 5 years old, the actor was brought up by linguist Sergei Nikolaev, who had already divorced Arthur’s mother) return home and catch sidelong glances It’s scary to think on the ex-wife – the whole group of actors knows that the unfortunate Melnikova still believes in the decency of Smolyaninov * Alas, a popular person, whether he wants it or not, with any statement and action casts a shadow over all his relatives Obviously, the Arthur’s words cannot stop affecting the career of his relatives.

Actress Daria Melnikova gave birth to two children from Arthur.


“The man was born in Russia, he got everything, he was engaged in extracting resources from our country, he played the role of heroes, he played a boy in the 9th company,” TV presenter Alla Dovlatova recalled. -His children live here, and he says that he wants only radioactive ashes of our country to remain. So who is he after that?

By the way, how much did Smolyaninov* earn in Russia, which he now hates? None of the producers the artist collaborated with have the right to reveal financial secrets. But “KP” managed to confirm that the actor’s shooting day cost at least 50-100 thousand rubles (the first-rate stars – Danila Kozlovsky, Alexander Petrov, Dmitry Nagiyev and others receive five times more). Thus, for 20 turns, that is, one role in the series, Smolyaninov * could earn several million rubles. Despite his character, he was willingly invited to shoot: last year the artist released three projects (“Monastery”, “More fun together”, “Mary. Save Moscow”), and even more were planned for this year. releases (“Inside the Murderer”, “Rostov-2”, “Jew”, “Montevideo Unit”). And the producers will now have to put a lot of effort to release the films and series announced with Smolyaninov*.

And how will the actor’s toxic reputation affect Daria Melnikova? 2023 should be an extremely fruitful year for the artist: she has the main role in the TV series “Sexaholics”, the key role of the wife of Mikhail “Gorshka” Gorshenev in the project “The King and the Fool” and a return to the reanimated sitcom “Daddy’s Daughters.” It will be very good if self-censorship does not force producers of projects to freeze them. After all, it’s too late to reshoot what’s already finished, and looking for a replacement takes a lot of work. The charm, for example, of “Las hijas de papá”, is precisely that all of them together, and not separately, will return to the small screens.

The situation is sad. In the fall, Artur Smolyaninov* will be 40 years old. And there really is nothing to celebrate here. Far from his native country and his family, under criminal proceedings, jobless and penniless, he will celebrate his birthday surrounded by those who regard Russia as Mordor.

PS For some reason, I remember a scene from the 9th Company, which now seems prescient. Private Oleg Lyutaev (Artur Smolyaninov *), who arrived in Afghanistan together with the young people, meets and replaces a cheerful drunken veteran who hugs Lyuty and shouts: “Don’t drive! I’m flying away And you’ll fly away!

* Recognized as a foreign agent.

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