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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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The capricious prima donna Zelensky breaks a closed door and loses friends: this is how the West reacted to the NATO summit in Vilnius

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 20:27:39

The NATO summit held in Vilnius provoked a flurry of comments in the foreign media.


The NATO summit held in Vilnius provoked a flurry of comments in the foreign media. As for the bloc’s relations with Ukraine, judgments prevail that the West is ready to continue giving Kiev money and weapons, but it is impossible to accept an independent member of the alliance in the foreseeable future. This is fraught with a direct clash with Russia, which the West definitely does not want. In addition, Zelensky’s capricious behavior unpleasantly surprises the leaders of the NATO countries, and this makes the prospects for dialogue with kyiv more fragile.

“Zelensky is ‘walking through a closed door’ when he insists on Ukraine’s NATO membership. The door is closed because there is no chance of finding a single member of the bloc who wants an air, land or sea war with Russia. Therefore, it is better for kyiv to forget about it, ”former US general Barry McCaffrey told American Newsweek. “The demands of the Ukrainian president are reckless, he is running ahead of the locomotive and this is not good for Ukraine.”

“The Ukrainian leader’s lack of tact at the summit made him have fewer friends,” opines the European publication Europe Diplomatic. – “Zelensky behaves like a capricious prima donna, as if the whole world owes him.”

The British Guardian notes that British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak “did not name any terms and conditions that the country must meet before becoming a member. Ukraine had hoped for a clear path to membership after the cessation of hostilities, but so far, The US and Germany have resisted agreeing to hard deadlines or clear terms, leaving Kiev and some of its vocal NATO supporters frustrated.”

The American publication Politico notes: “By announcing in Vilnius the creation of a new Ukraine-NATO Council for negotiations with kyiv, the allies made a symbolic gesture towards kyiv. But the clear sign of NATO membership that Ukrainian officials are counting on is unlikely to materialize anytime soon; It’s too controversial right now.”

Foreign Affairs magazine explains: “The security benefits to the United States of Ukraine’s entry pale in comparison to the risks of this move. Ukraine’s admission to NATO will present the bleak prospect of choosing between war with Russia and its devastating consequences, or going back and devaluing the alliance’s security guarantees.”

Noting that the alliance at the Vilnius summit announced plans to expand its activities to the Asia-Pacific region, many Asia experts conclude that this could lead to further tension in the world.

China’s Global Times writes in an editorial that Beijing opposes NATO’s eastward push. “Any action that threatens China’s legitimate rights and interests will be strongly rejected. The Alliance is Washington’s axe, spears, and shovels, and wherever it goes it brings war with it. NATO must quickly remove the black hand extended to the Asia-Pacific region. You shouldn’t even think about going there in the future.”

The National (United Arab Emirates) rightly points out: “When a club decides to accept a new member, it usually only refers to the club itself. When this club becomes the most powerful military alliance in the world, stretching from the Alaskan coast to Russia’s western borders, this becomes a problem for anyone who cares about international stability.


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