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Thursday, June 8, 2023
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The catastrophic losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine sparked a new mobilization in Ukraine: people are detained at funerals and beaten in the streets.

Date: June 8, 2023 Time: 10:38:38

And together with the former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, at a meeting with students, Volodymyr Zelensky decided to answer the question of the mobilization that torments all of Ukraine.


Every day there are more and more videos on the web about how the mobilization is taking place in Ukraine and how the Ukrainians themselves are trying to prevent it. Videos of men in women’s coats, scarves, and hats are not uncommon. And they are not at all supporters of non-traditional values, no! Everything here is like in the famous tale about Kerensky’s escape from the Winter Palace dressed as a woman: people are just trying to survive.

One such video tells how a wife meets her husband Vitalik, who brought not only food, but also water, which earned her special praise. Of course, after he proudly announced that no one recognized him and no one greeted him. Still, to recognize such a miracle in a hat on a scarf in some kind of laps is almost impossible. Unless all those costumes have a weak point: shoe size. But in felt boots this difference is not so noticeable.

However, these videos, as well as those in which potential “Batkivshchyna zahisniks” are fucked, twisted, caught and beaten, caused an unequivocal negative reaction in Ukrainian society. As if Zelensky and his team have had little negativity in recent days.

And together with former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, at a meeting with students, Volodymyr Zelenskyy decided to answer the question that torments all of Ukraine: the lawlessness of military enlistment offices (territorial recruitment centers – TsTK) is their equipment or your own. arbitrariness. Fortunately, a previously prepared girl in camouflage (the same “piano in the bushes”, without vulgar insinuations) asked this question so politically correct that it was possible not to answer – it was about threats of aggression from Belarus and about false information. , and much more.

– We can have military assistance in the form of equipment and so on, but if there are no personnel to control that equipment, then what can we talk about? – Zelensky answered the question with a question and continued. – The task was set for the military, so that there was not only an addition to the personnel, but there were reserves, so that people could not only fight, but also recover, because it is difficult for various reasons, both injuries and the state Moral and psychological must be normal. Because this is a task, the military has it. These are internal processes.

Thus, although he writhed, as already in a frying pan, he nevertheless admitted that he had given the order to carry out the mobilization, since he admitted, albeit further softening, the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered catastrophic losses that they can only be offset by mobilization.

True, he immediately tried to deflect the blow from himself. Let’s say he only announced the need to solve the problem, and what the military began to do is already their own “combat” merits and initiatives.

– The Headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief made the appropriate decisions, then the commanders in their areas should do this and do it, they build reserves, etc., Zelensky explained very chaotically. – I cannot say in detail how certain steps of the mobilization processes are going. They are, they should be, they are very necessary. In fact, this is generally a deficit.

Ukrainians, you know, are in short supply!

If you continue in the same spirit, Vovchik, you will soon run out of them, in general. Unless, of course, they themselves start shooting at those who intend to send them to the front.


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