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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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The cheap prefab house that assembles in less than an hour and is self-sufficient

Date: September 24, 2023 Time: 19:38:34

More and more families are taking advantage of prefabricated houses to install them on their own land and thus have a more spacious home. Either as a habitual residence, but also in rural areas or as holiday accommodation. But also, cheap prefabricated houses are perfect for expanding the space in the garden and adding a room, living room, storage room, to meet friends or an office to telework, for example. An economical and simple way to expand the rooms.

These constructions are made from concrete, wood or steel and are simple, economical and sustainable. They are delivered and installed in just a few weeks and with less work than a brick construction. Other of its advantages is that they do not need a foundation, or connection to the electrical network and they can be installed anywhere, although it is recommended not to do it on very steep terrain susceptible to excavations and modifications that would alter the initial price of the prefabricated house.

The easiest prefabricated house to install

There are some prefabricated homes from the These are basic models, houses for sale on Amazon, which will not reach the price of 2,000 euros. A superior model to these is the Vika One, which has become known because it is installed in just one hour. It is from the American company Vika Living, and it is a fully equipped home.

It consists of a small living room, a bedroom, a bathroom with a shower and a kitchen with a sink, a silent and energy efficient heating and cooling system. The windows are large and allow the entry of natural light.

The house measures just 14 meters, so it is designed for couples because it is less than other models that are designed for large families of five people or more. In the Vika One model, all the spaces are fully used in the main room, where there is space to place a table and chairs to eat. In addition, it has a small entrance where an awning can be installed as a porch for summer nights.

The strong point of the Vika One prefabricated house is its installation. Because it is available for delivery in a few days and, what’s more, it can be assembled in an hour. As it comes prepared from the factory, the installers place it in less than an hour on the indicated ground.

Are there prefabricated houses with solar panels?

The initial price of this prefabricated house is 42,000 euros, although depending on the land, it could increase by about 2.00 euros. But as it happens with this type of housing and also with campers or motorhomes, they are initial kits that can always be expanded by spending a little more money.

For example, so that nothing is missing from day one, you can include bedding and bedding sets, tableware and kitchen utensils, outdoor furniture, art and decoration items, cleaning and safety essentials, as well as other accessories for about 1,000 euros. And for about 15,000 euros more, the pack includes a system of solar panels, batteries to accumulate energy and a pump to filter water and that can be consumed, making it a self-sufficient house.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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