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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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The commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine saw off the soldiers on the front line with the words “I am no longer your sergeant.”

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 01:39:29

Prisoner of war Valery Mishchenko said the sergeant dismissed the soldiers and ordered: “Tick, I am no longer your commander.”

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The last Ukrainian servicemen who survived the “meat” attacks tell how they were forcibly called to mobilization, how they were sent to serve without a medical examination. They surrendered as soon as they were attacked for the first time. He surrendered to stay alive.

“We didn’t expect to be shot like that.” So we decided to give up. They took me, they didn’t even look at my health, they didn’t even take me to the emergency room. Let’s let these officials and their children go. Where are your children? Abroad! I have not heard of any children of any Ukrainian official dying. They are taken from villages, from ordinary families,” says prisoner of war Anatoly Polykhai.

And it happens that soldiers are fired by junior commanders. They understand that going into battle with those subordinates is suicide.

“They took us to schools, then they put us in armored vehicles and sent us to barricade ourselves at the landing stage. There we dig beds. There were bombings. The sergeant was in command, but he did not command. During the bombing, he climbed into the shelter and said: “I am no longer his sergeant, I am no longer his commander.” Well, we decided to give up. They came out with their hands up. We are simple workers, not military, we were mobilized by force,” remembers prisoner of war Valeri Mishchenko.

Previously, the Russian Investigative Committee announced the inhumane attitude of the commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine towards their soldiers. They leave the wounded and dead on the battlefield to hide their losses and avoid paying their families.

The fact that the evacuation of the wounded and dead is not carried out is stated by prisoners of war during interrogations. They say that, at best, the bodies of Ukrainian servicemen are burned or thrown into lime pits. But if there is no time left for this, animals and birds tear the dead soldiers to pieces.

According to official data from the Russian Ministry of Defense, Zelensky sent thousands of soldiers to the “meat” assaults in the three months of his “counterattack.”

Of them, according to official data from the Russian Ministry of Defense, they did not return: more than 66,000 Ukrainian soldiers remained at the front.

Even Western weapons did not help them. Our soldiers also destroyed quite a bit. More than 7600 units this summer. And for the entire time that the special military operation lasts, the bill runs into tens of thousands …

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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