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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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The consequences of the attack of Ukrainian saboteurs in the Bryansk region on civilians showed the FSB on video

Date: March 23, 2023 Time: 01:39:46

Ukrainian nationalists fired at cars at point-blank range with machine guns and mined their escape routes with NATO mines.

The Russian FSB has released images from the Bryansk region, where you can see the consequences of the attack by Ukrainian saboteurs on the civilian population. The footage shows the dead drivers of two cars, who were shot at point-blank range with automatic weapons at point-blank range.

– The execution is clearly demonstrative, since the civilian cars could not carry any danger for them. Seniors were driving. One of them was carrying children, – the notes from the department.

As we already know, as a result of the measures taken, the raid of Ukrainian nationalists on the Klimovsky district of the Bryansk region was stopped.

“In order to avoid casualties of the civilian population and damage to civilian infrastructure, the enemy entered the territory of Ukraine, where a massive artillery attack was inflicted on it,” the Russian FSB noted.

It should be noted that, judging by the footage, the saboteurs, having run from the Ukrainian border no more than a kilometer, fired at two cars with civilians and children with machine guns and a grenade launcher, filmed their propaganda videos, and then they ran back. , mining escape routes with anti-tank and anti-personnel mines.

They tied anti-personnel mines with motion sensors to the birch trees with duct tape. Such standard mines and sensors are used by sabotage units of NATO countries. As it became known to KP, the saboteurs committed murders of civilians in the village just to lure the special forces soldiers into the forest to fall into a mine trap. The mercenaries of the kyiv regime did not even have the courage to engage in open battle with the Russian army…

State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein spoke in detail about what the Ukrainian bandits had done in the Bryansk region: “All the saboteurs were capable of was setting booby traps and opening fire on the inhabitants. Contrary to the statements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that Ukraine is not at war with ordinary citizens, all the dead are civilians. Among them is the driver of the Niva, Leonid Golovanov, who took the children to school. (When the car was ambushed near the village of Lubechane and he came under fire, he managed to escape, although he was mortally wounded. Bleeding, Golovanov drove 6 km to the nearest village, where he died. The children (one boy was wounded) were saved by this brave man who, I am sure, deserves a posthumous award.) Another civilian was shot right in his car: he probably also did not stop at the request of the militants”.

During the pursuit of Ukrainian bandits near the village of Sushany, a mine blew up a Russian Guard car.

Khinshtein clarified that four members of the National Guard – three employees of the Bryansk SOBR (commander of the combat department, two fighters) and one OMON explosives engineer received minor injuries from shrapnel, nothing threatens their lives and health.


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