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Friday, March 24, 2023
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The country needs sellers and locksmiths: who in Russia is ready to pay a lot and why there are not enough specialists

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 08:42:40

Unemployment in Russia is at a record low. According to Rosstat – 3.7%. Also, above all, there are not enough workers for the simpler specialties. According to a joint survey of the Rabota.ru portal and the Podrabotka service, most companies are faced with a shortage of sellers, locksmiths and workers. Drivers, chargers and electricians are difficult to find (for details, check the schedule).

According to experts, it all started with a pandemic. Then part of the migrants left Russia and could not return. At the same time, delivery services began to actively develop. In large numbers, couriers and drivers who could deliver goods were needed. This led part of the low-skilled workers to change their profession. Hence the shortage in many areas.

In addition, mass professions are characterized by high turnover. The employees are very logical. Similar vacant wagon. There is little point in clinging to a specific place. Especially if the working conditions are not satisfactory. At the same time, companies are in no hurry to increase the salaries of line personnel. A crisis is not the best time for this.

– Mass staff shortages are a tangible problem for the market. But the business has adapted. Companies have learned to cover the needs of temporary staff to the detriment of the self-employed. They invite specialists to perform specific jobs, – explains Alexander Veterkov, Director of Operations of the Podrabotka service.

According to experts, salaries increase, as a rule, not for mass personnel, but for skilled workers. They have the required skills and abilities. The shortage of such employees is even greater. And they bring more business benefits.

For example, in Moscow, according to SuperJob.ru, the salaries of confectioners, seamstresses and mechanics increased the most over the past year (by 15-20% on average). And furniture assemblers, welders, electricians, turners and millers are the most popular in the capital. Their average salary ranges from 80 to 200 thousand rubles a month. If you work in an office and get paid less, that’s a good reason to consider changing careers.

Who is missing from the labor market?

Sellers 23%

Locksmiths 21%

Handyman 21%

Drivers 19%

Removals 15%

Electricians 14%

ATMs 11%

Cleaners 11%

plumbers 9%

Messengers 9%

According to the “Podrabotka” service and the “Rabota.ru” portal.

Average salaries in mass professions (thousand rubles per month)

Specialty Russia as a whole Moscow

Seller 43 63

locksmith 67 75

Handyman 37 45

Driver 65 100

Charger 40 60

Electrician 50 75

Cashier 40 55

Cleaner 30 45

plumber 45 70

Messenger 50 80

PS The calculation is made on the basis of open vacancies. The average value of all similar specialties was taken. It may differ from the actual wages employees receive. For example, if a company intentionally overestimates its salary promises in the text of the vacancy or actively uses fines.

According to Zarplan.com.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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