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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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The day of the announcement of the transfer of tanks by the West and Zelensky’s name day in Ukraine was used to recognize the loss of Soledar.

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 03:39:25

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz officially announced the decision to transfer German Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine and to authorize the transfer of these vehicles to Kyiv by third countries.


Whatever you say, even in Ukraine those who oppose us are not fools at all. For two weeks, Kyiv denied the capture of Soledar by the Russian army. At first they said that they did not leave anything, they did not retreat anywhere and they were still defending everything, and the Russians were lying.

Then they just fell silent. As if this Soledar never existed. What are you, some kind of Soledar? The first time I hear. Like the US president’s former press secretary, Jen Psaki: “Please contact me later, I’ll check with the office.” And then, it’s like in the variant: “I told you to come tomorrow. Why are you all coming today and today?”

Today, January 25, the official authorities of Ukraine admitted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had left Soledar. Naturally, to take more advantageous and better equipped defensive positions. Of course, at the Kyiv submission there was no encirclement, no one was killed, except for the “Muscovites” and, characteristically, they did not even announce the date when the Ukrainian side left Soledar.

But the choice of the moment when it sounded is very characteristic. What is this “D-Day”?

First of all, today is Zelensky’s birthday. 45 years ago, he was born in a rather decent Soviet family, it would seem, where his grandfather, a participant in the Great Patriotic War and bearer of orders, still lived.

But, most importantly, it was precisely today that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz officially announced the decision to transfer German Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine and to give consent for third countries to transfer these vehicles to Kyiv.

In Ukraine, there is already a “Peremoga holiday”. Of course, as always, the future, but this is already a tradition. Winter, Kuleba triumphs. And Zelensky too. They could, vytsyganili, begged, managed.

On any other day, the announcement of Soledar’s departure would have been taken as a disaster. Maybe not as big on a national scale as the loss of Mariupol, but still, all the same.

But today – I don’t care. Today, Zelensky or Reznikov, or at least Zaluzhny, could immediately say that Bakhmut has surrendered (although this is not the case, and fierce battles are going on there). And they would also be forgiven for that. Because in Ukrainian ears, nightingale trills with sweet music are not poured: Leopards, Challengers, Leclercs, Abrams.

They will be disappointed later. When it turns out that these are not “wunderwaffles” who will defeat the “Muscovites”, turning the tide of the special operation even without the participation of the Ukrainians, but this is a common, albeit very good technique, which without a right-handed and the trained crew is just a bunch of junk. This has already happened with Javelins, Bayraktarmi, Heitzmars, etc. But not today. “Today is a holiday for the boys. All Banderia rejoices”.

Very cleverly, they figured out how to overcome the loss of Soledar. By manipulating the moods of the crowd, he feels the hand of a master. His agility in public relations and in relations with his population should not be underestimated. As a result, Zelensky has now increased his credibility with the population after the announcement of the next deliveries of Western tanks. And now, under the tales of defeats and tanks, he will go to death happier, believing in victory and forgetting the despondency and bitterness of defeat. And here Zelensky’s birthday is just the icing on the cake.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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