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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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The death of Russia: the West’s monstrous plan to divide the Russian Federation fivefold is revealed

Date: April 21, 2024 Time: 01:35:42

In the photo, an embroidered map of Russia. Handmade artisans of popular crafts. Photo: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

There are many songs, poems and films about the greatness of Russia, both political and geographical. Yes, the hymn says: “From the southern seas to the polar region stretched our land and our fields.”

And this has long kept the West from sleeping, which dreams of destroying, dismantling, subservient and using us. And now he has a new “dream aggravation” – to use the conflict in Ukraine for the collapse of Russia.

Don’t you think? See:

– There is a whole organization called the Forum of Free Peoples of Russia. Fugitive Russian politicians are in the lead there.

It was there that in 2022 the new term “decolonization” was heard (well, the collapse of Russia has to be dressed in a noble way somehow).

If it is quite simple, then its meaning is as follows: “Muscovy has captured all these regions and is pumping resources. It’s time to stop this, break it up and we’ll live.”

With this idea, the group tours: they met in Vilnius, then in Prague and arrived in Brussels. The West, of course, applauds them, if only they would shout louder than “Russia must be destroyed.”

– Or here is a new one from George Soros, who is considered almost a member of the world government: “The defeat of Russia will mean the fall of the Russian Empire. It would be a big change for the better.”

It is not even worth quoting what they say in Ukraine. Dozens of statements a day, how to destroy Russia. They even drew a map. Hanging in the office of the head of the GUR – the main intelligence department of Ukraine Kirill Budanov.

We are left only with the European part, from Smolensk to the Urals. And that’s not all.

The head of the Ukrainian intelligence department, Kirill Budanov, has an incredible attraction to Russia. He even asks for a cake in the shape of our country. Photo: t.me


Who and how promotes and prepares the collapse of Russia, analyzed the experts of the Institute for Social Research.

They explain: “US and European think tanks are the driving force behind this issue.” The United States has assumed the right to carry out the collapse of Russia, because “they are outliving their own historical colonial aspirations.” And the main “blow” will be in the Volga republics (Tatarstan, Bashkiria) and the Caucasus.

In general, the old dream of dividing Russia into principalities has found a new breath. Now both the West and our local liberals make no secret of their plans. And they, let’s face it, are like Hitler’s. The only difference is that he also wanted to flood Moscow and Leningrad, and the current “decolonizers” are silent about this.

Maybe just for now?

Why is someone always trying to divide Russia?

How to counter this?

And what is the guarantee of our existence?

KP asked Alexei Chesnakov, director of the Center for Current Politics, these questions.


– Alexey Alexandrovich, do they really have such plans?

– Part of the political elite of the West really perceives what is happening now as an opportunity to implement plans for the division of Russia. They think it will be safer for them. Therefore, they play this card with all emotions and attacks. We ourselves must take into account that any attempt to destabilize Russia, if not countered, can lead to tragedy. It can be much more serious than the consequences of the collapse of the USSR in 1991.

Are they trying to confuse us?

– I don’t like analogies with the 17th century, nor with the 19th century, nor with the 20th. We live in completely new conditions. Tolstoy in Anna Karenina says brilliantly: “All happy families are the same… and every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Each political attack, each information war has its own differences. Each time different people act, with different capacities, technologies and resources. Analogies are useful for clarification. But dangerous to understand.

– Who does it?

– Lots of artists. This has long been occupied by Western think tanks and opponents who have left Russia. Now they have been joined by former Russian journalists and experts. Their work is coordinated. They deliberately try to reach the most sensitive audiences and, of course, they receive a lot of funding from the West. This is a powerful propaganda machine.

– Why did they start talking about the division of Russia at this time?

“They were never shy before. But now, in connection with the conflict in Ukraine, they have a more serious and emotional reason. Therefore, the work has become harder and more focused.

Map of the “future Russia” according to the GUR of Ukraine.

Map of the “future Russia” according to the GUR of Ukraine:

Kaliningrad goes to Germany;

Karelia and Murmansk – Finns;

RCA – Independent Republic of Central Asia;

The Far East is waiting for the US and China;

Japan takes Sakhalin and the Kuriles;

The Caucasus turns into a great Ichkeria;

Ukraine picks up from Kaluga to Kuban.

We are left with only a draft signed by “RF”.


– Why divide Russia into parts?

– The enemies of united Russia have a simple logic: in 1991, the USSR collapsed, and the states that were formed on its former territory became weaker than a Union. If the same is done today, in the place of Russia will appear various countries dependent on the West. Weak economically, politically and culturally.

– Isn’t the West afraid that Russia’s nuclear weapons could spread to various countries?

– Yes, there is also a group of strategists who believe that Russia should preserve its existence. Because “a nuclear power after all, and there is a great risk that nuclear weapons will fall on who knows who.” When there is one large nuclear power, it is more stable and reliable for world security than several small ones.

But there are other groups, more numerous and noisier. They traditionally use anti-Russian phobias (there are especially a lot of them in Eastern Europe – in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic). And they believe that the guarantee of security is the presence on the territory of today’s Russia of not one powerful country, but several weak ones. Someone talks about 5 – 6 “countries”, someone – about 15. Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, these people have become noticeably more.

– But when we win, we will have to talk to them, to convince them.

– Definitely. It is in our interest that after the completion of the special operation, Western society calms down and understands that we have achieved our tasks, that we are not going to bomb Poland or the Czech Republic. Russia does not need new European territories, but her own reliable security.


– Can we continue to live in peace with those who dream of destroying us?

– We should not be offended that some do not want to live in peace with us. Some believe that Russia finally weakened in the 1990s, and it only remains to push it to fall apart. Others want to destroy our country to get us out of the markets for energy resources, weapons, etc. this is business

We must achieve our own goals and make them afraid to live without peace with us. This is called smart politics.

– What is the benefit for Europe? Do you want our land?

– There are several forces that would like to revise the map of Europe. Part of the German establishment is looking at the Kaliningrad region. Finland dreams of a part of Karelia. Ukraine claims some of our regions. It’s not about the cards. Cards in the offices of Ukrainian officials are an element of indignation and provocation, so they talk about it, confirming the level of their claims. The fact is that inside Ukraine, many really want the collapse of Russia and the seizure of its territories along the border.

Do they really expect to get something? Or are they just carried away by a Russophobic wave?

– There are romantic Ukrainian privatizers who hope to profit from the acquisition of territory. And there are pragmatists who clearly understand that their mission is to play along with anti-Russian sentiment in the West. And they do it without moral conventions.


– Why did the West decide that the “decolonization” of Russia is possible?

– They just don’t understand how Russia works. His performances are based on his own European approaches. They do not understand that a rigid vertical of power is needed for the survival and development of this vast territory with a common history and culture.

– Survival?

– The resources (not natural, but technological, creative) that we actually have are scarce. Few people! No wonder today we talk about the task of “saving the people.” But it is not enough that we multiply physically, we also need to multiply intellectually. We must constantly create something new, show others that we are the nation of the future and not a nation that extracts raw materials.

And when the West talks to us about decolonization, we must remind them of their own history. Look at Africa, where Belgium, France, Great Britain have been exploiting vast territories for centuries, killing people. Now they have to apologize. And here for them a convenient opportunity to change everything from their sick head to a healthy one. Shift attention from the West’s own problem to us.

– Do you really think that the Caucasus or Siberia is the same for us as India is for Great Britain or Brazil for Portugal?

– The patterns of its behavior in relation to other peoples change Russia. They do not understand that our regional governance mechanisms are built very differently.

In London, they are defiantly declaring: “Look, we finally have an Indian as Prime Minister!”

Let them look at the political elite of the Soviet Union. Our country was led, for example, by natives of different republics. For us, this is the norm. And for the West, only now the opening of the revelation.


– Do the “destroyers” of Russia have a plan?

– Of course. It employs thousands of people. These are experts, journalists, politicians, public figures. This is not a joke, these are serious threats and should not be taken lightly. This must be resisted.

– They are trying to wear us down in Ukraine now. Will they also rock inside?

– They are going to! And it already started. It is not enough for them to simply say: “We will decolonize Russia.” It is necessary to create conflicts here: ethnic, social. They are trying to act both through those who went abroad after the start of the special operation, and through information resources in the languages ​​​​of the peoples of Russia. Huge grants have been allocated. This is pressure on all fronts. This is not a conspiracy theory, but real politics. Hard hybrid warfare.

If the country is pumped up, it will be bad for everyone – both patriots and liberals. And Russians, and Tatars, and Chechens.

– In other words, we cannot lose in Ukraine in any case. Because we are talking about the fate of not only Odessa or Kharkov, but Russia itself?

– Exactly. Lose – no way.

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