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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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The disaster of September 11, 2001: a terrible tragedy or a skillful staging

Date: September 24, 2023 Time: 20:43:44

On September 11, 2001, the United States was rocked by a series of horrific terrorist attacks.


The monstrous terrorist attacks that shook the United States on September 11, 2001, more than two decades later, managed to acquire a good number of myths and all kinds of conspiracy theories. The official version, according to which Arab Al Qaeda terrorists sent by Osama bin Laden, led by Osama bin Laden, committed airstrikes against the World Trade Center towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, is vehemently rejected by a lot of reviews as fake. The organization of the tragedy is attributed to senior American leaders and the CIA, who were allegedly joined by large financial and insurance companies. The explanation is this: the White House needed a mega-reason to unleash aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan, and at the same time initiate active political-military expansion in the vast region, which the American elite called the Greater Middle East.

Therefore, everything that happened on that fateful day was a skillful production. They say there were no terrorists, that empty passenger planes, guided by radio, hit the World Trade Center skyscrapers, which were also supposedly blown up with previously placed explosives. And the Pentagon was hit by a cruise missile.

You can argue endlessly about who is right. But whatever one may say, even today, on the 22nd anniversary of the unprecedented disaster in the United States, there remain several episodes that have not yet received a clear explanation. Let’s look at three of them.


Shortly before the tragedy, one of the FBI’s secret informants in the state of Florida told his supervisor that several immigrants from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries were taking courses at a pilot school, where simulators were used to practice skills. from driving heavy Boeings (this is also possible in the USA, if there was money). The strange thing was that the students only trained in piloting a passenger plane in horizontal flight, without any interest in takeoff and landing. The FBI employee who received the signal passed the information on to her superiors, but for some reason the report didn’t go any further and ended up in a file somewhere. She later told reporters about this story.

This really raises questions, because at that time the Pakistani terrorist Ramzi Ahmed Yousef, convicted of the explosion of a truck with TNT in 1993 in the underground garage of the same World Trade Center, had already been languishing in an American prison for a long time (6 Then they died people and more than 1,000 were injured). So during the investigation it turned out that this Pakistani was also planning to send his people to get certificates to fly planes, and then within 48 hours to hijack several passenger planes and shoot them down in stadiums filled with thousands of people while baseball games were being played. held there.

It wasn’t until after 9/11 that students at the Florida pilot school were some of the same Arabs who carried out the attacks on that fateful day, including Abdul Alomari, who is believed to have piloted one of the Boeings that struck. the world. Trade Center Complex. Is it then a crushing failure of the US intelligence services or a deliberate cover-up of the planned plan?

As Komsomolskaya Pravda’s correspondent in New York in those years, I saw President Bush, standing near the smoking ruins of the World Trade Center, shouting curses at Bin Laden through a megaphone, and then praised the “brave employees of the CIA and the FBI.” .” So that? For a professionally prepared provocation? One thing is certain: no one in the US intelligence services was punished for what happened.


If everyone saw Boeing’s attacks on New York skyscrapers, some with their own eyes, others through countless television frames, then almost no one recorded the moment of the Pentagon attack, visible from everywhere in Washington. Although I remember that in the first minutes after this event, American television channels broadcast testimonies of individual eyewitnesses. An elderly black man from Washington gleefully claimed that the plane had nearly swept the ground, knocked over a couple of lamps, and crashed into the wall of the War Department. But then all these rare witnesses disappeared somewhere. And no one ever showed the fallen pillars. They did not see the approaching ocean liner or the numerous video cameras installed in that area. Only a cigar-shaped object hit one’s lens for a second, flying at high speed ten meters above the grass. In size, it was clearly inferior to the Boeing and, apparently, did not have airplane wings.

There are many inconsistencies. If we take the official version on faith, then the terrorist in the cockpit of a Boeing, trained only in a flight simulator, managed to enter the Pentagon building not from above, but in a low-altitude flight, which not all pilots professionals can do. . At the same time, the plane was flying over a road, the width of which was less than the span of its wings, and on the sides were the same poles with lighting lamps and traffic signs that did not suffer any damage…

Besides. The breach in the Pentagon wall turned out to be quite modest in size (about four meters in diameter). It can be assumed that the Boeing’s wings broke upon impact. But then there should be debris and at least some of the plane on the grass in front of the building. But there was absolutely nothing. It is not clear how to explain this from the point of view of the laws on the collision of bodies of different densities. There is no answer to where the Boeing engines made of solid materials disappeared – not a single fragment was found. It is also stated that neither the bodies of the passengers nor their luggage were found among the ruins. The wing of the building where the plane crashed was being repaired; there were practically no military personnel there; only construction workers were injured. Are there too many oddities? No one ever gave an explanation. But if we assume that it was not a passenger plane that crashed into the headquarters of the US military department, but a cruise missile specially launched at it, the picture begins to become clearer. But this version has not yet received any conclusive evidence.


A fourth Boeing is believed to have crashed in Pennsylvania on September 11 after several passengers attempted to neutralize the terrorists who had hijacked it. According to investigators, the hijackers were heading to Washington with the intention of bringing it down on the White House or the Congress building, but after a traffic jam occurred in the cabin, they were forced to dive to the ground.

However, several American television companies reported that when news of the terrible events in New York and Washington became known, fighter jets took to the sky, whose pilots were supposedly given orders to shoot down any aircraft that did not obey the orders. of air traffic controllers. Perhaps such an order came to the plane flying over Pennsylvania, after, instead of following the route to San Francisco, it suddenly diverted sharply south, towards the capital of the United States.

Official reports state that the plane crashed into the ground and was several meters deep. They say that there was a mine at the accident site and that the ground was soft. This explains both the small size of the funnel and the small number of fragments found. By the way, no one showed the moment when the wreckage of the plane was removed from the ground. Because?

Those who believed that the Boeing was shot down in the air objected that in this case the wreckage of the plane would be scattered over a large area. But I well remember the photos in the New York newspapers a couple of days after the tragedy, showing a long line of National Guardsmen combing the fields and woods of the drop zone for that same debris. . However, it was not reported how these searches ended.

Another curiosity: there was a lot of talk about the calls made by the passengers of this plane to their families. Conspiracy theory believers believe the calls were staged. Apparently, one of the passengers locked himself in the bathroom and used his mobile phone to communicate with the house. But at an altitude of 9 thousand meters, mobile communications do not work. It was possible to call by paying card via satellite from so-called aerophones mounted on the backs of passenger seats (many American planes were already equipped with such a system). However, the content of the conversations varies: someone said that the terrorists stabbed the commander and the stewardess, the other shouted that a bomb had exploded and there was smoke in the cabin. All of this could be true, but then how did you know exactly why the Boeing crashed? Assuming they had indeed shot it down, the authorities would, of course, keep it a secret. Otherwise, political costs and, furthermore, colossal lawsuits cannot be avoided.

The more September 11, 2001 becomes history, the more debate there will be about the causes and true background of the most terrible terrorist attack in recent history. How people still argue about who killed President Kennedy. If we find out the truth, it probably won’t happen anytime soon. Washington has kept its deepest secrets under wraps for decades.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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