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Friday, September 29, 2023
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The doctors told him in which case he can make an appointment with a cardiologist and an oncologist directly and without a referral from a general practitioner.

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 10:23:18

Among the doctors available for self-selection are a district therapist, a district pediatrician, a general practitioner, an ophthalmologist, an otolaryngologist, an obstetrician-gynecologist, a pediatric and adult surgeon, a physiologist, a psychiatrist-narcologist, a child psychiatrist, an adult and pediatric dentist, as well as a dentist-therapist. But, for example, such popular specialties as a cardiologist and an oncologist for self-registration for an initial appointment are closed. Why this is so and for whom it is possible to directly record specialists in a narrow profile, KP.RU understands together with experts.

– When providing primary outpatient medical care in the Russian Federation, the principle of district attachment is used. The local general practitioner should know his patients, their diseases and conditions, carry out therapeutic and preventive measures, diagnostic examinations, and also provide consultation of specialists of a limited profile, such as a cardiologist, if necessary, – says the First Director General Deputy of the National Center for Medical Research in Cardiology named after Academician E. AND. ChazovPhilip Paleev.

Why is it impossible to make an appointment with a cardiologist without first consulting a therapist, because this is one of the most sought-after medical specialties?

“The fact is that often patients misunderstand their condition and incorrectly determine the profile of the specialist whose consultation is required,” says Philip Paleev. – A district therapist is a specialist who has special knowledge and the ability to make a preliminary diagnosis of the condition and correctly direct the patient, refer him to the really necessary specialist. For example, pain in the heart area may be a manifestation of osteochondrosis (a neurologist or coronary disease is needed), a cardiologist or a harbinger of myocardial infarction, and then the local therapist will refer the patient to hospitalization, and not to a cardiologist.

If, for example, a doctor of another highly sought-after specialization, an oncologist, will take part in an initial appointment, then, unfortunately, he may simply not have enough time and energy for a “profile” patient, there is a high risk of error. .

“The task of the primary care physician is to recognize or suspect an oncological disease among all who apply, and then refer the “profile” patient to an oncologist,” says Andrey Kaprin, an independent chief oncologist at the Russian Ministry of Health. – The task of the oncologist is to develop an “action plan” for each individual patient.


1. If you are already a member of a cancer clinic, you should immediately register with an oncologist at the Outpatient Cancer Center.

2. If such a center has not yet appeared near the place of residence, the referral is issued to the primary oncology office of a medical organization or to the outpatient department of an oncology dispensary (oncology hospital).


1. If you have a confirmed disease of the cardiovascular system, you should be regularly observed by a local therapist.

2. If the disease of the cardiovascular system is severe, the risks are significantly increased, and the constant care of a narrow-profile specialist is required to monitor the dynamics of the condition, treatment and examination, then the district doctor transfers the patient to a cardiologist to observe the clinic.

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Puck Henry
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