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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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The electricity bill rises 33% in 2022 and becomes more expensive by 270 euros in just one year

Date: January 31, 2023 Time: 03:12:29

This 2022 the electricity bill for those covered by the regulated rate or PVPC has risen almost 33% on average compared to 2021, reaching 1,095.42 euros. This means paying up to 270.5 euros more than what was paid the previous year.

Only in December, the electricity bill would have risen by up to 10.24% compared to November, which was the lowest in 16 months, and in this way the last month of this 2022 stands at 69.51 euros (6.46 euros more than last month).

This is the amount that a consumer would pay with a contracted power of 4.4 kilotavios and a monthly consumption of 250 kilowatt hours (KWh), distributed in 60 KWh at peak hours, 70 KWh in the plain and 120 KWh in the valley, according to the calculations. of the electricity receipt simulator of the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC).

The average bill of this 2022 is 22.6 euros more expensive than that of 2021

In 2022 as a whole, the monthly electricity bill has been an average of 91.38 euros, 22.6 euros more expensive (33% more) than that of 2021, when it was 68.71 euros. And it is that in 2022 there were even two months, March (after the invasion of Ukraine began) and August, in which the bill has exceeded 100 euros. In addition, it has not dropped below 70 euros until last November, while in 2021 it only exceeded the barrier of 100 euros in December.

Government measures

The repercussion of the war in Ukraine on the prices of gas, used by the combined cycles to generate electricity, which have been used extensively this year due to the severe drought that reduced renewable and hydro production, led the Government to adopt additional measures to alleviate the strong impact on electricity bills. Thus, in July the Executive lowered the VAT on electricity to 5%. In 2021 he had already lowered it from 21 to 10%.

In addition, on June 15, after authorization from Brussels, it began to apply, together with Portugal, the so-called “Iberian mechanism”, a ceiling that is applied to the price of gas used for electricity generation in the wholesale market, which in turn At the same time, it helps to reduce the bill for consumers with a regulated rate. According to the Government, the application of the “Iberian mechanism” has generated savings of 4,000 million euros for consumers.

The December bill, 30% cheaper than a year ago

As regards only December, the average bill is 69.51 euros, 31% lower than that of the same month of 2021, when it was 100.87 euros. In November of this 2022 another invoice was produced below 70 euros, specifically 63.05 euros, the lowest since July 2021.

In addition to the relaxation that is taking place in gas prices in the markets, due to lower demand due to mild temperatures and because gas stores in Europe are at high fill levels, the electricity price in Spain is marking these days minimums due to the greater renewable and hydraulic generation that it is having.

This Friday, the last working day of the year, the wholesale price of electricity is at 5.47 euros/megawatt hour (MWh), its lowest level since February 2021., and a new annual minimum is recorded, after which there was on December 25, Christmas Day, when it was at 10.63 euros/MWh.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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