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The ex-wife of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya: “Now I have a young man and I am happy”

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 05:42:43

Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya.

Photo: Viktor GUSEYNOV

On February 18, Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya played the piano and sang on stage with actor and singer Dmitry Nesterov. And after the concert she KP she hinted that she now she had a crush on her.

– Vitalina, we haven’t seen you for a long time…

– For some reason, if it is not on TV, then they think that a person has died (smiles). I’m fine, I just don’t go on talk shows anymore, I tried it and I didn’t like it. In fact, I have a rich and interesting life. There is a plan for a solo concert. We met Dima Nesterov when we went to the Amur Autumn Festival a few years ago. I had variety concerts, performed as a variety artist. And now more emphasis on the classics. And I participate with Dima, I play the piano. And we worked together with him, went on tour several times … Well, there is some personal news.

– Maybe Nesterov is your lover?

– No. He’s married, first of all. Secondly, I don’t date married men…

I have changes in my life, but I don’t yell about them. Now it is a difficult time all over the world, and I consider it inappropriate to show my happiness by show… Yes, I have my own man. But I won’t go into details yet.

– Did you marry him?

– I don’t want to get married yet. I have been married and that is enough for me. I want to take control of my own life. And do not depend on anyone.

– But did you marry Dzhigarkhanyan?

Because he asked for it and he wanted it that way.

– Don’t you regret not having children?

– Because that question? I don’t have any bad diagnosis about it. My life is not over yet, I think so. Now everything is so denser, richer than not, life has not ended (laughs). And the child will be, and something else will be in life – for sure! It is that now is the time, not to rejoice. So let’s wait for the good times to come. Of course, I plan to be a mother and have a family. I have everything good in my plan.

– Have you already planned who the family and child will be with?

– It’s a secret. I can’t say But I’m not alone. Yes, I’m dating someone…

I feel great in life. I am a normal person And this moment comes for me, and finally life settles down and moves in the direction I want…. I see a family, a child for me at a certain moment, in certain circumstances, it will be like that.

– And in terms of age, is the person you have older or younger than you?

– Not older. Now I cannot communicate with older people in this regard. When my husband is older, he already had everything, I think.

Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya and Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

– That is, now you want the youth by your side?

– Not like youth, but I want a normal, sincere relationship. In any case, it’s not about age, but about relationships. If they are satisfied, then it is good. Yes, what I have now suits me.

– But I suppose that your current person is a musician, like you?

– No. Completely different profession. I communicate with musicians as with brothers and sisters, because I grew up with them since I was a child, I feel comfortable in their environment. I have many friends among musicians. Even those who do not live in Russia, we communicate with them by phone regularly, several times a week.

– Do you communicate with Prokhor Chaliapin now?

– No. We had a joint project, it ended. Now I have built my life in a completely different way, and I really like it. This is exactly what I came up with, what I did, I did not suit anyone, and no one told me where to go, etc.

– Dzhigarkhanyan took you under his vision of life?

– Naturally. For various reasons, this is understandable. But that story happened to me more than 20 years ago, so I had a different age, a different understanding and a huge age difference with him, of course, affected. I learned a lot from those relationships. I have a lot now. And I’m glad I had that experience. It’s just that when life at a certain stage begins anew, so to speak, then you need to build another life so that it does not resemble the previous one (and this is probably impossible).

– In this life today, what is missing for complete happiness or is it all there?

– I will work a little more on myself, on some aspects of life, and then I can say that everything is done.

– Do you mean creative realization?

– Not only. I speak of life, of myself. And in the creative implementation, I will continue to make music. I will play the piano or sometimes do something on stage if there are interesting offers. And now I’m happy to teach privately, because I know, I can, it’s easy for me. And I am not the type of teacher who only teaches, but I like to communicate with the little ones. It is interesting to communicate with them: they are sincere, they do not deceive, and this is very interesting, because they only charge with positive energy. My students are from 9 to 16 years old. And by communicating with them, you remember your virginity. And all this brings pleasant associations.

I need sincere human relations, and not when “for the sake of something.” We all communicate for the sake of some benefit to ourselves. When, generally speaking, they can use it, either to make money or take advantage of the fact that you have a platform or acquaintances. I excluded such communication. Now I am surrounded by ordinary non-public people who are engaged in their professions, affairs and who have normal human values, and not a consumer attitude towards you. Familiar musicians now inspired me to play a solo concert at last. persuaded. We are also planning an ensemble concert later.

– Now, without Dzhigarkhanyan, you already travel less?

– Now I regularly travel to Sochi for Matsesta. It has a very beneficial effect on all systems of the body. And every six months I try to go through the procedures of these baths, which, let’s say, Stalin revived. If you know this story, that he had a favorite dacha there, where he preferred to visit regularly and take courses in hydrogen sulfide baths. And I love using it. First, it is close and cheap. And secondly, not just rest, but health benefits. Since I’ve never done this before, now I like it.

– Do you get botox, plastic surgery?

– No. Nothing and never. It’s a choice: everyone can choose not to. Just for some reason everyone is running, doing. I still don’t have one that can’t look at me in the mirror. If that time comes, maybe I’ll do something, but definitely not in the next few years. Now I am completely satisfied with myself. And the way I look. I am very happy with myself! (smile).

– Do you need the attention of men?

– Necessarily. Certainly. I generally get along with people. Anything positive should be accepted and appreciated. Since in life, as a rule, there are mostly more negative things, at least, this has been the case with me in recent years, therefore, I really appreciate all the positive. And I am very grateful for these things.

– And now you have more positive?

– Now only positive! Where there is a negative, I just don’t go there.

“Relatives stayed in Ukraine…”

– On a talk show about a break with Dzhigarkhanyan, his mother, his former mother-in-law, often strongly supported him …

Yes, she has always supported me. Mom died in August of last year. I buried my dad more than a year ago… Armen Borisovich died… And I communicate with all my relatives. My father’s sister, my mother’s brother, relatives remained in Ukraine. My cousins ​​are not in Ukraine, they left temporarily… In general, with those who supported me, I communicate with everyone and support me as a human being. I think this is normal.

– Did you share the recent events with your relatives in Ukraine?

– No. It depends on the people. If a person is important to me, I will try not to lose them in life no matter what.

– Did any of your acquaintances travel abroad in connection with the known facts?

– Yes there are some.

– Some artists left in principled positions. The same Galkin with Pugacheva. How do you feel about that?

– I never judge. And Galkin too. Even in my personal situation, no one noticed and I understand that no one knows until the end of the circumstances in which people make decisions. No one knows all the circumstances. Each person’s situation is different. And we don’t like to understand, but we love labels and we scream loud. But I’am not. I believe that each person makes their own decision. And in general, no one, by the way, has the right to condemn him.

– Aren’t you going?

– No. As you can see, she didn’t leave. She came 20 years ago from Ukraine. So where do I have to run now? If, in some awkward situation, you run every time, it does not always happen in life. For my part, I do not see the circumstances that force me to do something now. I do not discuss the situation with Ukraine itself, because I do not know everything. But I hope that everything ends and everyone lives well. I generally have difficulty with the conflicts in my life. And I do my best to avoid them. Let’s see, we will live.

– Have you had the opportunity to host a refugee from Ukraine? Some are taking…

– No. And in general, I think that it is necessary to communicate only with people familiar in our time, with those whom you know, just in case.

– And according to the claims about Dzhigarkhanyan (they wrote that you stole it once), how did it all end?

– Nothing. It was a conflict inflated from scratch, ordered by someone to destroy our family, and that’s it.


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