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Monday, June 5, 2023
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The ex-wife of Evgeny Dyatlov broke the silence about the actor’s divorce.

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 03:12:57

Yulia Dzherbinova and Evgeny Dyatlov

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

The fact that Yevgeny Dyatlov had already divorced his third wife, actress Yulia Dzherbinova, whom he called the main woman in his life, became known to the general public by chance. The couple did not make public statements, but it was not hidden from attentive fans that Yulia returned her maiden name on social networks instead of the double Dzherbinova-Dyatlov. And her famous husband dated a curvaceous blonde all last year, whom she portrayed as her director Daria.

But too often Daria shone on the red carpet, and even in an embrace with Dyatlov. But the artists’ assistants usually remain in the shadows … Rumors spread at the party: they say that this is not a director at all, but a new wife, and allegedly the couple have a common child.

“Eugene is not married,” Daria Travnikova answered a direct question about her wedding, thereby confirming her divorce from Dzherbinova. – I am their director, respectively, we attended some work events together.

Meanwhile, the KP.RU site managed to get through to the ex-wife. Her personal question did not bother her at all, however, she Julia flatly refused to discuss the details with the press.

– I will not discuss this question from any side. In general, with no, with no. All questions – to Evgeny Dyatlov. I think she will explain something to me,” said the actress, saying goodbye cordially. – Thank you and good luck.

The ex-wife may not want to spoil the relationship and reputation of Yevgeny Dyatlov. They say that, leaving, the artist left Yulia and her 15-year-old common daughter Vasilisa a 120-meter apartment in St. Petersburg. Also, he fully supports his daughter.

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