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Monday, June 5, 2023
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The expert assessed the need to introduce a single receipt for a community flat KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 02:31:47

It was previously reported that the Ministry of Construction, together with the Ministry of Digital Development and other departments, is considering the possibility of introducing a single payment for housing and communal services. The implementation of this measure includes the transition to electronic payment documents for public services, which will be generated in the state information system for housing and communal services (GIS HUS).

In fact, there is currently no mandatory form of single payment document (EPD), notes Arkhangelsky. On the other hand, by order of the Ministry of Construction (2018), an approximate form of payment document was approved to make payments for all housing and communal services, an analogue of the ENP.

“Why is there no regulatory requirement to issue an EPD to this day, neither in the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, nor in government decrees? and the content of the information,” the expert argues. “Secondly, despite the proliferation of settlement centers, the obligation to accrue payments for housing and community services under the Housing Code is with management organizations, homeowners associations, housing cooperatives, and with “direct contracts” for services public – with resource provider organizations and regional operator for municipal solid waste disposal there are many performers (sellers of housing and communal services), and all of them have the right to independently collect fees, prepare payment documents, deliver and accept payments. payment document” was invented by lobbyists of the unified information and settlement centers (EIRC). I demand a single payment document – this is tantamount to introducing a monopoly on the calculation of the amount of payment for housing and communal services by an EIRC. There are many cases of administrative and forced application of the EIRC and the ENP. This is control over the cash flow, the ability to somewhat delay the transfer of payments for services to resource management and supply organizations.”

At the same time, management organizations, homeowners associations, housing cooperatives, with the consent of the owners, can attract settlement centers, unified settlement centers and other contractors without changing regulations, without pressure from administrations and city ​​governors, notes Arkhangelsky. Very often, housing and communal organizations, despite pressure, do not transfer to the Single Center for Settlement and Cash, they defend their right to issue and accept payments for housing and communal services themselves, he says. Therefore, we can say that the initiative to implement the Single Payment Document is “with a beard”, but there is no real need for it, believes the expert.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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