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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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The expert told how to choose snowmobile equipment for winter leisure – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: January 28, 2023 Time: 05:26:54

How convenient are winter gear, in particular snowmobiles, for fishing?

– For winter fishing, very often not snowmobiles are used, but motorized towing vehicles, which are popularly called motorized dogs: in front of them is a caterpillar that runs on a motor carrying drags. On the sled, the fisherman can sit alone, as well as carry fishing tackle or a second sled. The motorized tow vehicle is very convenient: it behaves very well on ice, quickly and safely brings people to the place. Why it is safe: its contact area is large, the caterpillar is wide – 500 mm. And the motorcycle dog distributes the weight evenly, despite the fact that it weighs from 90 to 120 kg.

As for snowmobiles, they are used to a lesser extent because they have a slightly different suspension system, called skids, and the suspension of the skid needs to be constantly cooled by either snow or ice. And going out on the ice, where there is not much snow, there is a chance that the slides will burn out.

What snowmobile equipment to choose for families, youth, people of the older generation?

– If we talk about families, then it is worth buying snowmobiles with sufficient power that can carry at least two people. It is important to think about safety and choose one less snowmobile. By way of example: utility – for the transportation of goods, miners – very fast, but quite rolling, sports – up to 200 km per hour, tourist – with a capacity of up to 20 horsepower. Such snowmobiles will allow not only to experience the impulse of winter fun, but also to perform household chores – this technique is capable of hooking about 200-300 kg. Of course, it is not worth paying too much, especially now, with the departure of Japanese and American brands, it is very difficult to find spare parts, and the availability of original parts is always necessary.

For youngsters, something faster will be more interesting. Here it is important that adults care first of all about the safety of young people, because too powerful sports snowmobiles will not work. If this is the first time, and even more so in our region, pay attention to tourist snowmobiles – up to a maximum of 25 horsepower. For teenagers, you should choose models up to 13 horsepower.

SHRAMAX 210. Photo: courtesy of Globaldrive

What is the best snowmobile for the older generation?

– For older people, I would recommend not a snowmobile, but a hybrid of a motorized tow vehicle and a snowmobile. This technique is suitable for use on both ice and snow, as it has a roller suspension and a large contact area. In addition, older people, as a rule, are economical, and in everyday life this snowmobile will allow you to carry up to 600 kg of weight. For the price, this is the best option, since the Japanese and American manufacturers are now very expensive. You should consider options weighing from 210 kg to 230 kg, so that in an emergency another snowmobile can pull you out of the snow.

SHRAMAX 480. Photo: courtesy of Globaldrive

In terms of maintenance, of course, you should choose the snowmobile that has parts in it in the first place. Choose a brand that has a sufficient number of authorized service centers, distributors, and authorized dealers. There are dealers, there will be spare parts.

What technique can be recommended to a woman for planning winter leisure?

– Women tend to fish with more passion than many men: they know the fish and the places well. There are many women who buy motorcycle dogs for fishing and snowmobiles and do an excellent job with them: someone knows how to ride sports, and someone chooses calm mountaineers.

When it comes to women’s snowmobiling, it’s important to understand the genetic and anthropometric timing: heavy, powerful, brutal snowmobiles aren’t for everyone. Choose an option for teenagers: snowmobile, tourist, utility. In addition, they are easy to store and transport and have a four-stroke engine that does not require special trouble.

SHRAMAX 280. Photo: courtesy of Globaldrive

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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