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Friday, September 29, 2023
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The famous singer cries with grief for his little son: “What is all this for?”

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 09:48:41

Vyacheslav Zherebkin

Vyacheslav Zherebkin was incredibly popular in the 90s. The lead singer of “Na-Na” changed women like gloves until he found true love. The artist was happy with his second wife, until one day he learned of the terrible diagnosis of his little son.

Vyacheslav Zherebkin is married to former fan Tatyana. “If I had known that I would meet my love at 14 years old, I wouldn’t have believed it,” the woman admitted.

She gave birth to her beloved four children. One of the children has a terminal illness: she has diabetes. Every day the singer and his wife fight for the life of the heir. Denis, born in 2016, has diabetes.

The couple learned the terrible diagnosis when the child was about three years old. One day the girl fell ill, and Tatyana called an ambulance. “We didn’t sleep at all, we had to control our sugar level, there was no control like now. We pricked our fingers constantly. Once an hour or more often. This had to be done both day and night. It’s small. . .and a disease like that. I wish I had this “Why do you need it? What is all this for? “, she told Lera Kudryavtseva and burst into tears.

While trying to get his son out, Zherebkin abandoned himself. At the age of 55, he heard disappointing conclusions from doctors. It turned out that he had serious health problems, including death.

Vyacheslav Zherebkin has serious health problems

According to doctors, the musician was diagnosed with a polyp in the gallbladder, as well as diffuse changes in the pancreas: “I’m in shock,” was all Vyacheslav could say in the program “The Secret of a Million” on NTV. channel.

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