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Monday, March 27, 2023
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The film “Rage” by the director of “Cheburashka” Dmitry Dyachenko came out on the screens KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 10:02:51

Two men arrive at the cemetery. Everyone has a restless heart. The eldest of them, Igor (Alexey Serebryakov), was a successful businessman in the past, but now faces a very real term for financial fraud.

But things are even worse for his traveling companion son: Vovka (Vsevolod Volodin) is a hopeless drug addict who sleeps and sees only to get another dose of white powder. The father, realizing that the police will soon reach his soul, wants to save his offspring before being sent to prison, and for this he is willing to resort to the most radical measures: from chaining him up to spending the winter in the depths. taiga

The situation is already complicated, but everything becomes much worse when the village, where the heroes arrive to prepare for the future self-isolation at the gate of the forest, is attacked by rabid wolves.

The first thing I want to point out is that Rage turned out to be a very atmospheric and dynamic film, in which you can find quite a few references to the golden classics of thrillers and horror: from the introduction, which is reminiscent of the opening scene of The Shining. , and ending with a general mood similar to the aforementioned “Something”.

As the director admitted, he has loved Carpenter’s film since childhood, and the influence of the American director is extremely noticeable: from a practically isolated settlement, left alone when aggressive predators begin to sneak around it, to the biting cold that they both feel. among the taiga forests and inland, apparently heated houses. Although the heroes are not faced with an alien creature, the local wolves seem no less frightening. The disease has devoured their brains, but, nevertheless, the remnants of mind and intellect are still preserved, and the tail orderlies, fearing neither the strong blinds nor the rangers with weapons at the ready, methodically attack each gaping traveler, biting cruelly at that throat

Furthermore, Rage is also a very “chthonic” film. In addition, the local khton is presented both in the classical sense of the word, as a natural force beyond human control, expressed in severe forty-degree frosts and wild animals furiously fighting to the last bite, and in its Russian interpretation ” special”. with all-consuming melancholy and despondency against the background of idle police organs and twisted villages, where, according to one of the heroes, two hundred thousand people are ready to cut off their arms.

Perhaps one of the film’s most atmospheric and memorable episodes was the scene where the father and son and their two unwitting companions are forced to defend themselves in a cabin in the woods. It is in this fragment where two manifestations of chtoni come together, and while outside the wolves and other animals wait for the right moment to attack, chaos and devastation reign inside the room, among which lurks a desperate hunter, who looks like a possessed or an undead. What can I say? – Dyachenko did, including entering the territory of horror. Only for a few minutes, but it was really scary.

At the same time, the pronounced social theme of rage should not be forgotten. In particular, the problem of drug addiction. It is already set by the opening scene, where Igor drags his son through the cemetery and shows him the graves of his former friends who died from the use of illegal substances. Further, the situation worsens when Vovka begins to fall apart. By the way, one of the strongest aspects of the film is the acting. That Alexei Serebryakov, whose hero at first seems like a real tyrant, but later reveals himself as an unfortunate father who periodically lets out bad tears. That Evgeny Tkachuk and Alexander Ustyugov.

The former features a crooked cop, ready to turn a blind eye to a father-son standoff over a bribe, and the latter, a rustic but responsible hunter who knows his trade shooting wolves. By chance, the rogue and the forest guardian will have to unite, and their pair turned out to be a very bright and comic duet, diluting the distilled horror of everything that happens with rare jokes.

But Vsevolod Volodin showed himself better than everyone. This is actually the young actor’s first serious role, and it should be noted that he doesn’t hesitate to flaunt the nastier features of his character. At the same time, Vovka is not as one-dimensional as it might seem, and the film, through the fate of him and other characters, explores not only the topic of drug addiction, but also the nature of addiction in general: from money. , status, entertainment and the like.

“Madness” had a good chance of transforming itself from a genre film into a powerful auteur statement. However, closer to the end, the tape slips into the level of a parody of “Survivor” Alejandro Inarrita, without DiCaprio, but with a bear, the “cartoon” of which spoils the whole effect of a tense battle with him. And the ending evokes unpleasant associations with the scandalous “Temporary Difficulties”.

There, the hero of Ivan Okhlobystin wanted to help his son, who had cerebral palsy, but used frankly wild methods for this, including leaving one in the forest, where, characteristically, there were also bears. However, the film finally justified his father, citing his sincere concern for the child, and in the case of the image of Dmitry Dyachenko, a similar situation occurs.

Despite the weak ending, “Rabies” still wants to be recommended for viewing. And the fact that the film was shot by the director, whose previous work focused on a furry animal with abnormally large ears, who eats oranges in abundance, gives hope for the growing strength of Russian cinema, which will be able to saturate film distribution. national even without great western majors.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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