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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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The financial sector opens up to AI with a focus on data protection

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 14:55:20

Microsoft and Plaiground, Minsait’s (Indra) specialized unit in artificial intelligence (AI), have shown banking experts how this technology can transform the sector to make it more open and automated, as explained by the Spanish technology firm after the celebration n the ‘IA is now’ meeting, in which, in his opinion, it has become clear that financial institutions are opening up to the adoption of AI with a focus on data protection.

At the meeting, Minsait and Microsoft have shown the sector how the new generative AI models incorporate parameters of “scalability or security and ethical responsibility” that represent a “turning point” to provide new services and achieve “great returns”. According to data from Minsait, 80% of the banks “aware of the enormous potential” that AI has for the sector and the majority of financial institutions are already implementing this technology to improve risk management and generate new income through the os product. and “innovative” services, while also seeing the value of this technology in easily identifying fraud.

AI will save on customer service costs

In that, Minsait has also pointed out that the new assistants based on AI sense (such as ChatGPT, for example) will be able to save up to 30% of the costs related to customer service and that in the United States there are already ‘chatbots’ (virtual assistants) who will manage around 50 million customer requests per year within the banking sector.

“The secret lies in the democratization of technology. We have all used AI capabilities at some point in time to solve certain business cases. But now, this technology is accessible to everyone, which exponentially increases the ability to access solutions technologies and differential ideas in each of the sectors of activity”, has valued the director of Business Development of Financial Services of Minsait, Sergio Chico.

AI will answer the “high expectations” of customers

During the meeting, the director of Microsoft’s Financial and Insurance sector in Spain, Silvia Hernández, explained that generative AI represents “a great opportunity” to respond to the “high expectations” of bank customers, who, in her opinion, “They are increasingly demanding more digital, more contextual and personalized experiences.” “AI has a direct impact on fundamental pillars, such as the productivity and automation of banks’ operational centers, the transformation of call centers and branch networks,” she has assessed.

Meanwhile, the heads of Microsoft’s Alliances and Digital Strategy in Spain, Susana Martínez and David Suz, have emphasized the advantages of AI for banks. First of all, although there has been a massive adoption of the foundational model (OpenAI), they have highlighted that it is “important” to differentiate it from the Azure OpenAI Service, where the proposed AI models are located in the Microsoft cloud.

In addition, each client’s own data is governed by the motto “your data is your data”, so they will not be used to retrain the machine, nor to share derived learning, so “ethical use” prevails. and responsible” of technology. Likewise, Martínez has indicated that in just one year private investments in AI have doubled and that since 2014 research has multiplied by five to advance a “transparent and legitimate” AI.

“We are at the tip of the iceberg of what is to come. Artificial intelligence models are evolving at breakneck speed and allow us to generate answers to very complex problems that to date have not been able to be solved, as well as ask questions that until now we hadn’t even imagined the date”, he assessed.

Challenges of the banking sector

However, the experts present at ‘IA is now’ have expressed their concern about issues such as the confidentiality of information or regulation, something “especially key” in the sector “for the permanence and implementation of this type of system in the world finance”, according to the director of Financial Services of Spain in Minsait, Luis Romero.

Along these lines, the director of Data, Analytics and RTech at Abanca, Jorge García Romarís, has highlighted the need to strengthen regulations to ensure the use of responsible AI and has mentioned other issues such as price or scalability. “There is no doubt the application that these types of systems will have for the business or the workplace of the employee. But, in the end, their progress will depend a lot on the cost of implementing these models or their integration with the rest of the systems “, he opined.

On this, the director of AI and Data in Minsait Financial Services, Natalia Clavero, pointed out that “there are many AI models” and that it is necessary to “understand the need raised by customers very well” to know which is the most appropriate to your business. Thus, she has indicated that its implementation cannot be outside the regulations, that she is already ensuring that the AI ​​is “ethical and fair”. For example, the expert recalled, initiatives such as RAIL, the Artificial Intelligence adoption framework developed by Microsoft and Minsait, “encourage companies, institutions and entities to make responsible, ambitious, integrated and organized use of AI”.

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