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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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The first to leave the “Mask” program: Vadim Kazachenko almost lost his head in the guise of a porcupine

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 12:10:24

Under the mask of the Porcupine, Vadim Kazachenko was hiding. Photo: NTV.

Fans of the “Mask” show have a taste: from the second show of the new season, the participants finally began to be declassified. Thus, the day before, Porcupine’s mask was torn off, who managed to go unnoticed by all the members of the jury. Philip Kirkorov assumed that Vladimir Vinokur was hiding under the thorns, Valeria suspected Yefim Shifrin, Timur Rodriguez – Yuri Galtsev. And according to Regina Todorenko, the audience was intrigued by the actor Sergei Burunov.

It turned out that they were all wrong. When, under the friendly cries of “Mask, mask!” the hero got rid of his head, Vadim Kazachenko appeared on the stage. The singer told KP.RU how he survived this experience.

None of the jurors could guess the Dodger entrant. Photo: NTV.

– Unlike Porcupine, I am not prickly at all, so there was no subtext when choosing a costume. I just liked it, the artist admitted. – There I could breathe more or less, somehow I adapted. But there were big problems with the review. I saw practically nothing, just a small part of the stage and absolutely nothing around. It was worth taking a little step to the side, and I lost the ability to navigate, I no longer understood where the right was, where the left was… And the Porcupine’s head also became very heavy, and with each movement it became very heavy. he strove to move somewhere. As a result, dressers came up with the idea to additionally fasten it from behind. Also, Porcupine’s eye was shining. Inside his head were wires and a button to turn the light bulb on and off. I don’t think anyone would be completely comfortable in a suit, it’s quite a physical load, but these are the conditions of the game. If you decide to participate in the show, you must be able to cope with all the inconveniences.

According to the ex-Porcupine, it was the lack of review that became the most difficult moment for him on the show. But with the preservation of secrecy, due to which the “Mask” artists are forced to hide their participation even from their relatives, there were no problems.

– It was difficult for me to navigate in space, marking the movements of the ballet. The show is held in the strictest secrecy, so I met the ballet only during the dress rehearsal and could only go out with them in a costume. But from my relatives “Mask”, although this is the most popular program in Russia, for some reason no one watches it, so I did not have to weave fables, – added Vadim Kazachenko.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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