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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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The flow of tourists to Elbrus in summer equaled that of the ski season – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 02:20:08

The ski season at the Elbrus resort in 2023 ended only on July 1 and was extended several times, since the snow in the mountains still allowed skiing. Therefore, summer here lasted a month less than the calendar month. But even during this short period it could be understood that tourists are still interested in Elbrus in July and August.

According to Andrei Yumshanov, general director of the development institute “Kavkaz.RF”, the summer allowed construction and preparation for the new 2023-2024 ski season, but this does not mean that the warm months have not been beneficial for tourism. .

Passenger traffic on the cable car completely exceeded the historical record of 4,500 passengers per day

– It is very important that the mechanism for the development of tourist facilities is supported within the framework of special economic zones (SEZ). The results that we see today in our ski resorts indicate the effectiveness of these support measures: in the summer, the most irrelevant period for ski resorts, only in Elbrus we saw an increase in tourist flow of 30 percent, August us gave almost 80 thousand tourists: these figures are comparable to the winter months, and this says a lot,” said Yumshanov.

Although the mountain routes were closed, the cable car continued to operate and on it you can reach a record height in Russia for this type of transport: 3,847 meters above sea level, almost four kilometers. The cable car itself, due to its height, is included in the Russian Book of Records. The walk takes about 30 minutes one way with a change in stations: Polyana Azau (2350 meters) – Stary Krugozor (3000 meters) – Mir (3500 meters) – Garabashi (3847 meters).

One of the main summer activities in the mountains and its surroundings is hiking. By the way, the trekking season is not over yet and will last approximately until the end of October. The ideal time for hiking is until the end of September, then it will be cooler. You can go to the Azau waterfalls, Terskol, Devichye Kosy, walk to the Terskol peak observatory, go to the Irikchat gorges, Adyl-Su, to the Syltrankel and Donguz-Orun-Kel lakes and climb the Kahiani peak.

You can go to most of these places on your own, you just need to estimate the round trip hike time in advance, bring food and drinks and don’t forget comfortable shoes and warm clothes: it can be very cold in the mountains. To make the trip more interesting, you can always hire a local guide who will tell you about the places of interest, guide you along the not the most obvious but the most beautiful trails and will be responsible for the safety of the group.

For example, a short hike to the Tyutyu-Suu gorge near Tyrnyauz will cost 6,500 rubles for a group of up to 10 people. Despite the proximity to civilization, it is there that herds of mountain aurochs can be seen on the surrounding rocks. After leaving the forest zone, the view opens towards the Tyutyu-bashi peak, which rises above the alpine meadows. The route then crosses a picturesque valley and ends at the waterfalls, where it is a good idea to stop to rest and have a snack.

In the Elbrus region there are many places for hiking. Near the Azau glade the ecological trail “Azau – Cheget” begins. The path runs for about five kilometers through the most beautiful areas of forests and alpine meadows, along the Baksan mountain river. From here you have views of the Cheget massif, the Terskol peak and the Baksan valley. There are also places to rest along the route.

Many tourists go to the Elbrus region during the summer season with one goal: to conquer the highest mountain in Europe. The highest point of Elbrus is 5642 meters. Height is important and to face it you need good preparation and adequate equipment. You can acclimatize and find good guides on the spot, but it is better to reserve places in advance. It is also necessary to dedicate enough time, because on average it takes about a week to get used to the gradual increase in altitude.

– You can spend the night at the LEAPRUS hotel. This high mountain shelter is located on the southern slope of Elbrus, at an altitude of 3912 meters, between the Garabashi station and Shelter-11. It is unique because it offers comfortable accommodation with hot water, buffet and comfortable rooms with panoramic views. It is mainly intended for acclimatization before climbing. But it is also suitable for romantics who want to see the sunrise higher than anyone else in the country,” they said in the resort’s press service.


One of the most accessible ways to explore the beauty of the Elbrus region involves four additional stages: horseback riding. Horses of the Karachai breed have been bred here in Kabardino-Balkaria for a long time, distinguished by their simplicity, calmness and balance. Even if a tourist gets on the chair for the first time, an experienced instructor-guide can help him. The variety of routes here is very large: in Terskol Gorge, to the Terskol Peak Observatory, along forest trails from Glade Cheget to Glade Azau, along the southern slope of Mount Cheget to Polyana Narzanov, in Yusengi Gorge and others.

All routes have a different duration, so the price also varies. For example, a one-hour walk along an ecological trail with an instructor will cost on average a thousand rubles, and a two-day horseback ride to Lake Syltran and back can cost up to 20 thousand. There are stables right on the Cheget glade, not far from the souvenir market and next to the main road to Elbrus.

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Hansen Taylor
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