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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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The FSB has opened files on the robberies and violence of the US military against German civilians – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 11:13:51

As the RG correspondent in the Central Election Commission of the FSB was reminded, after the victorious May 1945, the Soviet Military Administration in Germany – SVAG – was created to directly manage the Soviet occupation zone of Germany. The entire territory of the SVAG was divided into 14 operational sectors of the NKVD-NKGB-MVD-MGB of the USSR. The tasks of employees in the sector included fighting the Nazi underground, searching for and arresting war criminals, and counterintelligence work. They also participated in the formation of German self-government bodies and solved a number of other special tasks. Additionally, the functions of the Berlin Operations Sector included monitoring the situation and behavior of Allied forces in the American, British, and French occupation zones of Berlin.

Thus, in a memorandum from the head of the operational sector of the Soviet Military Administration in Berlin, Major General Alexei Sidnev, to the Deputy People’s Commissar of the Interior of the USSR, Colonel General Ivan Serov, dated November 9, 1945, it was noted:

“As has been demonstrated, cases of vandalism, theft and violence against Germans by the US military do not stop and these events increase day by day. For example:

– On October 21 of this year, two Germans: Friedrich Scholl, who lives at 15 Schwerinstrasse, and Karl Krichek, who lives at 158 ​​Potsdamerstrasse, were walking home from work. Two American soldiers approached them from Potsdamer Street and asked for light. After which, for no reason, the Americans fired from their pistols, as a result of which Scholl was wounded in the chest and Krichek in the stomach. The latter, in serious condition, were detained by the police and sent to the Augusta Victoria Hospital…

“On October 26 of this year, at 7:45 p.m., American soldiers fired a machine gun in the thigh and took Lotta Bloxdorf, a German woman who lived at 2 Schöneberg Zintenstraße, to the hospital in serious condition. The soldiers fled.”

A month later, on November 19, 1945, General Sidnev had already prepared a detailed report “On the facts of looting and robbery by servicemen of the Allied occupation forces.”

This particular document said: “According to the data available in the Berlin Operations Sector, it is known that lately cases of outrage and robbery against the population of Berlin by soldiers of the Allied occupation forces have become more frequent. they are:

“On October 11 at 22:30 in the Schöneberg area, two American soldiers beat the playwright Heine Düzenschutz, from whom they took food cards and 250 marks.”

Two weeks later, another man of art fell under the burning hand of the Yankees.

“26 IX-[19]At number 45, artist Kalin Paul, who lives at Arcinerstrasse 22, approached a shop on the corner of Südwestkorzo and Wiesbadenorstrasse, where women were queuing. Two American soldiers approached at the same time. One of them stood at the door and the other, entering her room, roughly grabbed a woman and took her to one side of her, where he attempted to rape her. Kalin Paul came in there and bothered them. Seeing him, the Americans began to beat Kalin, as a result of which they broke his nasal bone, broke his head, and then disappeared “…

On the same day, October 26, as Sidnev reports, at around 9 pm, two trucks with 40-50 American soldiers armed with machine guns approached the Femina restaurant. After blocking all entrances and exits, they broke into the restaurant and, threatening with weapons, demanded that the Germans hand over all valuables and money. “So, within 10 or 15 minutes, the Americans took the Germans’ watches, gold rings and money, took the women’s fur collars and other valuables, and then disappeared.”

The secret report cites several other similar cases, including attacks on German police officers while they were on duty and unmotivated shooting and wounding of civilians.

The situation is presented separately in the French and English sectors, which were only slightly inferior to the American sectors in terms of the number of attacks.

Thus, on October 27 at 9 p.m., “three French soldiers arrived at the apartment of a resident of a Berlin suburb – Lubars Am, Vicenende, 37 years old – Agnes Thornov, who raped Agnes and the girl Riess, who was in home. After which the soldiers confiscated 200 marks and a gold watch from Agnes and, after beating her, left.

On October 29, three French soldiers attacked Wiley Bourne, born in 1914, who was returning home at 7:30 p.m. He suddenly received a blow to the head, after which he lost consciousness. When the German woke up, he discovered that two gold rings, 300 marks and a wallet with documents had been taken from his hand. Furthermore, after meeting the French, his “food cards and a piece of soap” disappeared.

That is to say, the “enlightened” allies not only robbed, beat and raped the defeated Germans, but they also did not hesitate to take away the last thing: their food cards, essentially condemning them to starve. Did these war thieves and rapists receive any punishment? Most likely not: the humiliation of the defeated was secretly encouraged by the Allied occupation command, unlike the Soviet sector.

“RG” publishes declassified files on the events of post-war Berlin provided by the FSB. Among them: special message No. 3/2347 from the head of the Berlin Operational Sector on the events of looting, murder and robbery of the civilian population by the American military in Berlin on November 9, 1945. And also a certificate from the head of the Sector of Mountain Operations. Berlin on the events of looting, murder and robbery of the civilian population by soldiers of the allied occupation forces in Berlin on November 19, 1945.

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