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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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The Generalissimo Suvorov, the second serial missile carrier of the Borey-A project, was accepted into the Russian Navy – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 05:56:19

Submarine cruiser “Generalissimo Suvorov” before launch. Photo: Maxim Vorkunov / Sevmash press service

Exactly seven years later, the strategic missile submarine (SSBN), the sixth among the Boreys and the third in the Borey-A series, retired from the Sevmash slipway.

And already this year, at the beginning of January, it was launched for mooring and all subsequent tests, factory and state. And at the same time, at the enlarged board of the Russian Defense Ministry, it was determined: the admission of the nuclear submarine cruiser Generalissimo Suvorov to the Navy is a priority task for 2022.

Submarine cruiser “Generalissimo Suvorov” at the stage of sea trials. Photo: press service of the Central Design Bureau “Rubin”

When the question is posed in this way, it is reported in newspapers and on television, many understand: in any case, the designer, the director of the shipyard, suppliers and subcontractors will be flayed three times. And what is the demand for Sergei Fedoseev? He is a foreman of the pipeline workers, and they have long since done their work for the power compartment on the Suvorov. After there were already other “orders”, there are new ones on the way.

– I cannot agree – smiling and extremely laconic, Sergei Alekseevich decides to interrupt me at this point. – We ourselves, each one in his place, must be responsible for the overall result. And welders, fitters, and we…

The correct and full name of the profession that Fedoseev and many in his team have mastered perfectly is ship pipefitter. To make it clear how much such specialists and their skills are in demand during the construction of a nuclear submarine, I will give only three figures.

The total length of pipelines, if you put them together, of different diameters, strengths, configurations and purposes, on the missile carriers of the Borey and Borey-A projects will far exceed 100 kilometers. And routes of ship cables (this is the responsibility of electricians, signalmen, mechanics, installers and not only) – 600 kilometers. From project to project, with the complexity of the design, all this becomes more. Although even now a nuclear missile submarine has 1.3 million units and mechanisms.

And a failure, when the state tests are underway, cannot be allowed in any of them.

“Generalissimo Suvorov”, as we already reported, passed such exams. And on November 3, 2022, as prescribed, it tested its “main caliber” – it successfully launched the Bulava ICBM from the combat training range in the White Sea towards the designated target at the Kamchatka Kura training range. .

A mark on the missile silo on the launch of the Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile. Photo: Maxim Vorkunov / Sevmash press service

The final result pleased all the builders of the new ship. And this is a great industrial cooperation, which is closed at Sevmash. The Rubin Central Design Bureau in St. Petersburg also received congratulations, where the entire line of fourth-generation Borey and Borey-A submarine missile carriers were designed and continue to be improved.

Mikhail Budnichenko, General Director of Sevmash, who watched the most important stages of the tests from an escort ship in the White Sea, noted in the chase that “the company’s commissioning team and the ship’s crew solved the tasks In its whole”. For several outings, the systems were tested in various modes.

After that, “Generalissimo Suvorov” went up to the equipment embankment of the plant, where a mandatory overhaul of the mechanisms was carried out before transfer to the Navy. And until the signing of the acceptance certificate, they did a marathon: they completed finishing and painting inside the ship, fulfilled the individual wishes of the crew at combat posts and in the residential area, loaded all the required standard equipment …

All the passages and rooms of the new ship are completely new. Photo: Maxim Vorkunov / Sevmash press service

Just these days, the foreman Fedoseev, who was doing his usual work on the next “order”, received a call from Moscow: to be on December 20 at a ceremony in the Kremlin. He already knew about the Order of Alexander Nevsky. And the fact that the President of Russia personally handed over the award to the ship’s pipeline was a surprise for Sergey. And there, at a solemn event in St. George’s Hall, he was very concerned.

Although before that, wherever he was! Urgent: As a sailor in the Northern Fleet. And he came to Sevmash, immediately to the pipe benders, as his first profession was called for many years …

And he already had two medals of the Order “Al Merit to the Fatherland” I and II degrees. And for them – a certificate of honor from Rossudostroeniya and the medal of the Ministry of Defense “For strengthening the military community.”

Sergey Fedoseev, who became a foreman, prepared and assembled pipelines for installation in the most critical places, including the nuclear power compartment of submarines. And he started, we note, from the first leading ship in the Boreev series – on the Yuri Dolgoruky rocket carrier, he took part in laying pipelines in the most technologically complex compartment of this order – the power one.

– And there, to put it mildly, it was a little crowded, especially “at the stern”, where all the power is, – academician Sergei Nikitich Kovalev, general designer of three generations of nuclear submarines, admitted to the author of these lines. .

For “Yuri Dolgoruky”, as we remember, there was “Alexander Nevsky”. In this order, at the suggestion of Fedoseev and his colleagues, non-standard solutions were implemented that made it possible to launch the reactor (the entire nuclear power plant) three weeks earlier than planned and proceed to the next stage of testing the ship. ..

Now in its record are nuclear submarines of the Borey, Borey-A, Yasen and Yasen-M projects. The professional authority and outstanding rationalization abilities of Sergei Fedoseev were repeatedly noted in the management of Sevmash: “His proposals from him contributed to the successful transfer of three nuclear submarines to the Navy in 2021 at once.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin presented the Order of Alexander Nevsky to the foreman of the Sevmash pipeline workers, Sergey Fedoseev. Photo: kremlin.ru

“All his achievements are an inspiring example for society, for our citizens, especially for young people,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the award ceremony in the Kremlin. -With his deeds and actions, he literally writes the history of the country, creates the foundation for future advances and achievements.

And Sergei Fedoseev from the village of Samoded, Plesetsk district, in the same Arkhangelsk region, with a brand-new order from Alexander Nevsky on the left lapel of his jacket, only smiled embarrassedly. And with an answer, he decided not to speak.

– I thought that it was not ready yet, – I explained it later, in a telephone conversation with RG.

He arrived at the plant immediately after the army. He started out, as already mentioned, as a pipe bender, then went on to become a ship’s plumber. He perfectly mastered the specialty and now, when he has 43 years of work experience behind him, he has become one of the best in his profession.

These are people like him and his comrades from the 9th “pipe bending” workshop who have become a native, Viktor Nikolayevich Sorokin, a veteran of Sevmash, the builder of nuclear submarines and their tester, an old friend and author of Rossiyskaya Gazeta, wrote poems and composed a joyous hymn.

We will bend any pipe, Their number is countless. We don’t know the word “difficult”, We are proud of the word “honor”!

Photo: Alexander Emelyanenkov / RG

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