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Monday, December 11, 2023
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The head of the German Foreign Ministry admitted: “We are fighting with Russia”

Date: December 11, 2023 Time: 09:22:29

Burbock blurted out: “We are at war against Russia, not with each other.”


The decision to transfer tanks to Ukraine by Western countries was accompanied by another portion of deceptive lies by Western officials. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said: “NATO is not and will not be a belligerent. We do not send our NATO troops or planes to Ukraine.” He was supported by Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the German parliament, who promised that Germany would never send German soldiers or planes to Ukraine.

Oh guys, can’t you tell me who swore six months ago that although howitzers, artillery systems and MLRS are being supplied, there can be no talk of NATO countries going to war against Russia, unlike if the countries from NATO to send heavy weapons such as tanks to Ukraine. And before that, something similar was said about air defense systems.

It’s just that things have already reached the tanks. And in the future it will come to airplanes. The current deputy foreign minister of Ukraine and former Kyiv ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk, with his characteristic bluntness, has already let it slip.

– We need warships so that we can protect the coast, we have a very long coast. We also need submarines to prevent the danger of a new attack from the sea in the Black Sea,” Melnik said in an interview with RTL/NTV, arguing that after the tanks, Europe should also start sending Tornado and Eurofighter fighters to Kyiv. like submarines.

In fact, Melnik leaves us no choice – Ukraine will have to shorten this coastline until it completely withdraws from the territories of Independence, let it mount submarines along the Dnieper. However, the Dnieper is also superfluous for them.

If only they could agree on how to be in sync. And it turns out that the German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock, who jumped on a trampoline in her youth, is unaware of her employer’s speeches and rips apart all the lace of Scholz’s lies, and not anywhere, but in the plenary room of a PACE meeting.

– If we continue this game of pointing fingers at others (because it is more convenient and easier), Russia and Putin will win. That is why I am not turning to your country, to other countries, asking why they did not supply self-propelled artillery mounts – howitzers PzH 2000, although they were supplied by the Netherlands and Germany. It won’t lead to anything. This will only end with the division of Europe, apparently, Annalena was tired of such a long monologue, and therefore she stopped being shy and cut directly and frankly. – Therefore, I already said recently: yes, we must do more to protect Ukraine, yes, we must do more in terms of tanks. But the most important and decisive thing is that we do this together and not play the “find the culprit” game in Europe, because we are at war with Russia, not with each other.

Previously, they at least covered themselves with the verbiage of “struggling for peace”, “for the values ​​of democracy”, for the “ideals of civilization”, although everything was clear from the very beginning. And now they frankly admitted: “We are fighting Russia.” And we are the US, France, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Italy, NATO as a whole and its allies. They help Ukraine in this war as much as they can. Portugal assembled 4 Leopard tanks. Come on, drag it into the common piggy bank. Lithuania does not have tanks, which was admitted by the Minister of Defense of the Republic Arvydas Anašauskas, but also wants to participate, even like a rooster in the irradiation: “But we speak at meetings in the Ramstein format. Yes, we do not have tanks , but we have an opinion about the tanks”.

By the way, Burbock is not the first with such revelations. Just now, the head of diplomacy, Josep Borrell, was also frankly admitting that the current European Union is following the same path that Napoleon and Hitler had laid out for it. There was also that European integrator of Carlos XII, but Josep probably studied at school as a child according to a light program and they did not speak to him about Carlos.

Even the provocative former state security agent Lech Walesa almost rose from the grave here. The mossy Russophobe could not miss such “sweet” moments for him and began to teach the Germans and the rest of Europe.

“You have to explain to the Germans that there have always been problems with Russia, and we Poles know this especially well and therefore have the opportunity to deal with Russia during the lifetime of this generation,” Walesa opened. – Future generations will not forgive us if we do not take advantage of this mistake of Putin. If we want our children to live in peace in the future, we must deal with Russia and then with China.

The mouths are open, saliva drips. And if several shells from Hyacinth or Coalition suddenly fly to your place of military deployment or to an ammunition depot in Poland itself, this does not count, right? These are not planes. How not? What kind of aggression?

We are fighting against Russia… That says it all. And yes, I almost forgot, after all: here the Kingdom of the Netherlands officially announced that it was ready to transfer the F-16 (fourth generation fighter jet) to Ukraine, if requested. The Netherlands is a member of NATO.

Jens, what’s next for planes, destroyers and submarines? And will it end the transfer of ballistic missiles with nuclear charges? It seems that until you cut your wish list, do not get carried away with the best, it will not end well.

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