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Friday, March 24, 2023
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The head of the Pentagon told a joke about the shortage of Russian missiles and the fracture. Russia responded

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 09:59:02

As Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin put it, Moscow is running out of ammunition and suffering “significant battlefield losses,” which is why Russia is turning to “only a few remaining partners” for help.


Former British Army Commander Richard Kemp opened up: “The first thing I would say is don’t pay too much attention to what most of the mainstream media are saying about Ukraine, because most of them are just repeating the point of view of the state. Ukrainian major. What is happening? They do not take into account other points of view, for example, what the Russians say, what they do, and very often this leads to a distortion of the image.

But not only the Ukrainian General Staff is to blame for this. Richard Kemp can address these words with equal confidence to the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, who feeds the entire world with the repetition of his fables. After the meeting of NATO defense ministers at the Ramstein base, the Pentagon chief revealed that a turning point has now been reached in the Ukraine conflict and called on Kyiv’s “allies” to “not slow down ” in this issue.

British Army Colonel Richard Kemp.


Everything would be fine, but the same head of the Pentagon said exactly the same words exactly six months ago, on June 15 of last year: “A turning point has come for Ukraine on the battlefield, and therefore it is necessary continue military assistance to Kyiv.”

Somehow often in the West they inflict “breaks” on Ukraine, probably already all. They tore it up and left no place to live in it. What else to write to the journalists of the “mainstream media” (without relieving them of responsibility for disinformation and a specially targeted propaganda campaign), if the defense minister of the largest country in the West regularly sells them such nonsense. Regularly every six months. However, in Ukraine, the local population receives noodles almost daily, and nothing – they eat and ask for supplements. And on the other hand, journalists should have more working memory, by definition.

However, Lloyd Austin is still not capable of expressing such things. As the Pentagon chief said after the same meeting in Ramstein, Moscow is running out of ammunition and suffering “significant battlefield losses”, which is why Russia is turning to “only a few remaining partners” for help. .

“Not even Iran and North Korea admit that they are supplying Russia,” explained the US Secretary of Defense.

It seems that the meetings of the defense ministers of the NATO member countries are like gatherings of grandmothers at the entrance, where stories are told and gossip is shared, reaching a consensus on the “beautiful Irka from the 10th apartment.”

It is difficult to assume that the US Secretary of Defense is unaware of the data from the investigation of the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office, which could not establish the use of drones made in Iran by Russia for attacks against Ukraine.

As for ammunition, the best response to the US Secretary of Defense’s speculations were the words of Sergei Chemezov, who heads the Russian Rostec corporation.

– The conversations that our enemies are having today about the fact that Russia is allegedly running out of missiles, shells and something else – this is complete nonsense. The ammo consumption in the NWO zone is really high. We are talking about artillery and tank fire, rocket weapons and small arms ammunition, – Sergey Viktorovich explained the real situation. – Accordingly, by order of the Ministry of Defense, we have increased the production of ammunition several times, and for some types it has increased by several orders of magnitude. Recently, the decision was made to transfer another 15 factories to us, a significant part of them are gunpowder. These are state-owned companies that produce special chemicals and ammunition components.

– We will corporatize them, we will integrate them into the structure of our two holdings, we will modernize and re-equip them. It is planned to invest tens of billions of rubles in its renovation, the head of Rostec described the immediate prospects.

And Lloyd Austin can continue to tell his stories for older post-school children who never made it out of remedial school. In at least one country, you will have a whole army of enthusiastic fans who are now experiencing terrible discomfort and cognitive dissonance due to the disappearance from the orbit of the author of “Legends and Myths of Modern Ukraine” performed by Alexei “Lucy” Arestovich.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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