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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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The head of the Supreme Court of Ukraine was caught accepting a bribe. What’s behind the high-profile corruption scandal KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 3, 2024 Time: 19:20:45

It used to be that in Ukraine prime ministers were arrested, and even lower caliber Ukrainian judges were regularly convicted of corruption; the names Chaus and Zvarych even became household names. But that the head of the supreme court was detained at the time of the money transfer, a shame really happened for the first time in 32 years of independent Ukrainian suffering. And all this in the face of Western partners who are stubbornly pushing judicial reform in Ukraine, starting with the coup and with the intensification of the process in 2017 and 2021.

However, little is known about the essence of the case, and even the National Anti-Corruption Office (NABU) report did not add details: Knyazev and another anonymous defendant were detained for receiving illegal benefits and acting selfishly in favor. from a certain businessman. At the same time, they have not yet been charged, and the establishment of the origin of the funds found during the search for Knyazev and eighteen other members of the Supreme Court continues.

But the name of a corrupt businessman is named – this is the disgraced oligarch Konstantin Zhevago. Today, from Paris, he is trying to maintain control over his main asset – the Poltava GOK, which, according to the latest version of Zhevago himself, has its eye on Igor Kolomoisky. In fact, on April 19, the Supreme Court overturned the decision of a lower court of appeal, thus returning Zhevago control of 40 percent of the shares of the Korean Government.

However, as has always been the case in Ukraine, it is impossible to separate politics from economics. And the older the person involved in the criminal case, the higher political strata are involved in it. So, all observers noted that, first of all, it is NABU, a body created by the United States to combat Ukrainian corruption, and not subordinate to Zelensky, who is investigating the case. Secondly, Knyazev himself was not noticed in ideological or legal discussions with the presidential office, he was considered “Yermak’s man”, he was not eager for publicity, he avoided loud statements, and there is a suspicion that many Ukrainians heard the name of the head of the Supreme Court yesterday for the first time. And thirdly, according to Ukrainian media sources, Zelensky himself found out about Knyazev’s arrest after the fact, when everything had already happened.

Ukrainian owners of “insider information from the sidelines” agree that the sudden activity of NABU, which has not been remembered for a long time, is a kind of signal to Zelensky from Washington, and Knyazev, Zhevago, Kolomoisky and others are only extras. in the overall plot. What could be in this signal and what are they hinting at Zelensky?

For example, that the parliamentary elections, which Zelensky canceled on Monday with one sentence, still have to be held on time. And if he does not name them himself, the Supreme Court can do it, as happened in 2004 with the third round of the presidential elections. And in general, Zelensky was emphatically reminded that it is the Supreme Court that “gives a conclusion about the presence or absence of signs of treason or another crime in the acts of the President of Ukraine, and also submits a written submission to Verkhovna Rada request on the inability of the President of Ukraine to exercise his powers for health reasons”.

NABU’s raid on judges can be interpreted in another way: in the territory where the investment company BlackRock began to operate, the disputes of local oligarchs over the rights to assets no longer matter. In principle, this company does not need local oligarchs. And if a certain court or president sympathizes with them, so much the worse for the court and the president. And the BlackRock company, we recall, was officially launched by the same Zelensky in Ukraine a little over a week ago.

Finally, this may be the last comprehensive American warning to Zelensky, a kind of kick in the ass to a shrewd and lopsided partner who fails to live up to his obligations. And it is not just about the “counterattack” that Blinken and Biden have already announced, and that Zelensky tries with all his might to delay or imitate. Also important is judicial reform itself, whose US scenario – with the complete subordination of the entire branch of power to “international experts” – Zelensky, like Poroshenko before him, is intensively sabotaging. Now, after the corruption has been exposed in the same Supreme Court, it is simply illogical from the point of view of the civilized world to leave Ukrainians the right to sovereign legal proceedings. Assumptions about what secrets Knyazev will or will not reveal to investigators, and how this will affect the fate of Zelensky and even the American elections, will appear already in the development of the plot.

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