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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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The heartbroken widow of the deceased by cancer, Alexander Ponomarenko, was stunned by the confession

Date: February 1, 2023 Time: 05:26:03

The heartbroken widow blames herself for keeping quiet about Alexander Ponomarenko’s cancer. Photo: TV channel “Russia”

Alexander Ponomarenko, who died of stomach cancer, found his last refuge in the Novocherkassk cemetery, next to his father. The “Crooked Mirror” star struggled with a serious illness for a year and a half. The artist lost the vitality of him. He lost 30 kilograms of weight. Before his death, he weighed only 45 kilograms. The artist’s widow is heartbroken. A woman reproaches herself for keeping silent about the illness of her beloved husband.

When Alexandra Ponomarenko was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis – the fourth stage of cancer, he and his relatives at first hoped that the treatment would begin to give a positive result. However, the humorist’s condition deteriorated rapidly.

“At first Sasha lost strength, then he began to lose weight, then the body’s functions began to fade, the blood was bad. Severe swelling began. He lost about 30 kilograms of weight. After all, the initial weight was 77 – 78 kilograms, and about 45 kilograms remained”, lead the words of the widow Anna “KP-St. Petersburg”.

For a year and a half of the fight against cancer, the humorist’s family spent a lot of money. They took out loans for treatment and running expenses. People close to Alexander did not dare to ask for help. They thought they could handle it. Now the artist’s widow reproaches herself for not telling anyone about the illness of her beloved and that they had no money.

“My husband needed medicine and funds for maintenance. Just elementary money for life… Virtually no one knew that we had a difficult situation, and Sasha was so bad. I even feel guilty about this. I should have blown him everywhere.” Anne lamented.

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