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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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The hero of the battle with a column of armored vehicles of the Ukronazis is a guy from the Yakut village, where many Heroes of the Soviet Union came from.

Date: July 24, 2024 Time: 05:18:49

Governor of Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

… – Aisen Sergeevich, good morning! We admire “Alyosha” – a tank and tankers who defeated a column of armored vehicles of the Ukronazis.

Tell me, please, is your boyfriend there, yes, from Yakutia? As they say, from the Yakuts.

– We are very proud that one of the crew members who knocked out eight enemy tanks and armored vehicles in one battle, which we all saw, is our compatriot.

– How did you know?

– And he alone (that is shown on Channel One) conveyed greetings in the Yakut language to his relatives and friends.

Of course, we are proud that our guys, together with fighters from other regions of Russia, are today defending the freedom of our country in a special military operation.

– Tell me, you often visit the NWO zone, you know this guy under the Yakut name “Alyosha”, so to speak.

– We know where he comes from, now all Yakutia talks about him.

Personally, I have not yet had the opportunity to meet him, I am sure, God forbid, we will have such an opportunity.

– Will you call him?

– Depending on what the operational situation is, of course, we will contact him.

Our respective structures are also in contact with military units.

– And have you already contacted your relatives, as I understand it?

We haven’t made contact yet, but we already know who they are…

Right there is such a thing that there is no need for much publicity yet.

Yes, we Yakuts are such people that we will not shine much on these issues everywhere. And also our boys are like that, they don’t want to.

We ourselves saw how our guy behaves modestly.

– And who are their parents?

– Now I am speaking in general terms – he is from a simple Yakut village.

– Or reindeer herders, or their family hunters?

– This is our agricultural zone…

So we won’t reveal it?

– … an area dedicated to traditional agriculture, yes.

From his small homeland, although his homeland is a small town, several Heroes of the Soviet Union came out at the same time, even.

– That is, during the Great Patriotic War?

– Yeah.

– When will it be possible to contact him, maybe “Alyosha” will come on vacation?

– Taking into account our good relations with you, I will write to you.

– Thank you so much!

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