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Sunday, April 2, 2023
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The hero of the special operation “Z” sailor Morozov threw a mine into the warehouse of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Date: April 2, 2023 Time: 09:22:06

We continue to acquaint you with the heroes of the special operation “Z” – participants in the hostilities in the Donbass.

Photo: Alexander KOTS

We continue to acquaint you with the heroes of the special operation “Z” – participants in the hostilities in the Donbass. Soldiers, sergeants, corporals, and officers who demonstrated their professional experience, character, and completed combat missions. His determination, assertiveness and combat experience in the Ministry of Defense of Russia, in the police units of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, receive the highest marks.

Our heroes thwarted the attacks and prevented the counter-offensive of the nationalists, for which they received state awards. But they do not serve for the sake of praise and awards. The military is sure that the enemy has no chance of success, because Donbass and Russia are fighting for a just cause.

“Incessant exercise, how to take in everything with one glance, can be a great commander,” said Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov, who did not lose a single battle. And he thus instructed the soldiers: “It is better to meet with danger than to expect it on the spot.”


Private Artem Tishchenko

Private Artem TISHCHENKO

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

“Soldier Artem Tishchenko, acting as part of a group of Russian troops, carried out tasks to liberate one of the settlements from the armed formations of Ukrainian nationalists. Moving through the town, Artem discovered a well camouflaged enemy position in an abandoned building. Assessing the situation, Tishchenko, with directed fire from the cannon of the combat vehicle, destroyed the enemy group in position. Tishchenko continued to successfully push the militants out of their lines and positions and destroyed an enemy tank and two infantry fighting vehicles.

As a result of the fighting, the settlement was liberated from the Ukrainian nationalists. A few days later, the group, which included Tishchenko, took part in the assault on the stronghold of the nationalists. After artillery preparation, a group of Russian troops attacked the enemy fortress in the flank and inflicted significant damage on the enemy in terms of manpower and equipment. As a result of the group’s bold and decisive actions, enemy firing points were suppressed. Private Artem Tishchenko personally destroyed two enemy machine gun crews and a large number of militant manpower with fire from a combat vehicle cannon. As a result of the battle, the militants’ stronghold was completely destroyed.”


Sailor Pavel Morozov

Sailor Pavel MOROZOV

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

“Acting as part of a mortar team, sailor Pavel Morozov performed tasks to support the actions of Russian units leading an offensive against the positions of Ukrainian nationalists. During the battle, Pavel Morozov, according to the received coordinates, accurately aimed the mortar and fired at the positions of the nationalists, as a result of which the ammunition depot was destroyed. The ammunition detonated by Pavel’s accurate shot hit engineering structures and enemy military equipment. Having suffered significant losses in a short interval of time, the nationalists decided to abandon their positions and retreat deep into the territories under their control. The courageous and professional actions of the sailor Pavel Morozov significantly reduced the combat capabilities of the nationalists and contributed to the rapid advance of the Russian troops.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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