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Friday, March 31, 2023
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The hero of the special operation “Z”, Senior Lieutenant Zavodchikov, pinned down the enemy with well-aimed fire.

Date: March 31, 2023 Time: 09:26:33

We continue to acquaint you with the heroes of the special operation “Z” – participants in the hostilities in the Donbass.

Photo: Alexander KOTS

We continue to acquaint you with the heroes of the special operation “Z” – participants in the hostilities in the Donbass. Soldiers, sergeants, corporals, and officers who demonstrated their professional experience, character, and completed combat missions. His determination, assertiveness and combat experience in the Ministry of Defense of Russia, in the police units of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, receive the highest marks.

Our heroes thwarted the attacks and prevented the counter-offensive of the nationalists, for which they received state awards. But they do not serve for the sake of praise and awards.

The military is sure that the enemy has no chance of success, because Donbass and Russia are fighting for a just cause.

“A soldier must be healthy, brave, firm, resolute, truthful, pious,” said Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov, who never lost a single battle. And he warned the commanders: “What is necessary for a soldier is useful, and what is superfluous is brought into luxury, the mother of self-will.”


Captain Valery Arakcheev

Captain Valery ARAKCHEEV

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

“In the course of a special military operation, Captain Valery Arakcheev, together with his division, performed the tasks of covering Russian units from enemy air raid weapons. The positions of the battalion tactical group of the Russian Armed Forces were attacked by Ukrainian nationalists. An unequal battle with the enemy ensued. The enemy attack was accompanied by fire from Hymars multiple launch rocket systems. Having quickly assessed the situation, Valery assigned tasks to subordinate personnel and personally, acting as part of the calculation, proceeded to attack air targets by fire. Despite the shelling of the positions of Russian units, in conditions fraught with risk to life, Valery Arakcheev organized the work of an anti-aircraft missile team, as a result of which 3 Haimars MLRS shells were shot down on approach to the area Where were our troops? The courageous and decisive actions of Captain Valery Arakcheev, as well as the courage and professionalism of his subordinates, made it possible to save the lives of comrades-in-arms and prevent attacks on the manpower and equipment of the covered units of the Russian group of troops , which allowed our units to repel the enemy’s attack and push it back to its original positions. .


Senior Lieutenant Viktor Zavodchikov

Senior Lieutenant Viktor ZAVODCHIKOV

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

“Senior Lieutenant Viktor Zavodchikov, as part of a communications battalion, carried out the task of liberating one of the settlements controlled by Ukrainian nationalists.

Before the start of the advance of the main forces, Roman organized and ensured a stable connection with the higher command, subordinate and interaction units. While he was waiting for the command, while watching, he noticed that a group of militants had advanced, took up a firing position and opened fire on the enemy. Having restrained the actions of the enemy, Victor personally destroyed up to 4 people from the enemy’s manpower, after which he hit the enemy’s machine gun crew with RPG fire. A group of militants, having suffered significant losses, withdrew. The bold and resolute actions of Senior Lieutenant Viktor Zavodchikov made it possible to avoid the provocations prepared by the nationalists and contributed to the development of the offensive of Russian troops on the positions of Ukrainian militants”.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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