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Monday, March 20, 2023
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The IDEX 2023 military-technical salon opened in Abu Dhabi. What Russian novelties are presented at the exhibition? – Russian newspaper

Date: March 20, 2023 Time: 18:16:38

The Russian delegation was headed by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov. He noted that “over the past 15 years, the export of Russian weapons to the Middle Eastern states has been quite stable. Therefore, despite the pressure of sanctions, the countries of this region remain reliable partners of Russia in the military camp. technical cooperation, and this interaction has good prospects”.

Potential buyers pay special attention to what has confirmed its qualities within the framework of the CBO.

The undoubted stars of IDEX 2023 are the T-90SM Proryv tank and the Terminator tank support combat vehicle. Few people now remember that the world premiere of these cars took place exactly ten years ago, here in Abu Dhabi, at IDEX 2013. Then they were seen as some kind of Russian exotic. And today they are the favorites of the arms market.

The latest ammunition for our burst fire systems always comes at a price – graduates are as widely distributed in the world as AK assault rifles. Photo: REUTERS

Potential buyers saw firsthand what the T-90SM is capable of on the battlefield.

Another Russian bestseller on the global arms market is our now famous Terminator, a tank support fighting vehicle. Competitors have nothing like it. For many it was a discovery that the BMPT, created on the basis of the T-90, but having an uninhabited tower module with two 30mm guns and anti-tank guided missiles, is lethal for all types of armored vehicles and manpower. , even hiding in fortified structures.

For the first time, 122mm unguided rockets for the Tornado-G MLRS are shown. They allow you to destroy targets behind the folds of the terrain (reverse slopes, gorges, etc.) and in the mountains. The destruction effectiveness of these rockets is several times higher than that of standard unguided rockets.

The multifunctional drones of the Kalashnikov concern are not inferior to the best analogues in the world. Photo: Georgy Sultanov / TASS

For the first time, customers in the Middle East are shown the latest air-to-surface guided missile, known as the Izdeliye 305E. This missile showed excellent results in the NMD zone, interest in it has already been shown.

There are new items on the helipad. Russian helicopters are here: offshore Mi-171A3, created according to the standards of the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers; multipurpose Ka-62; as well as a Ka-226T twin-engine light helicopter.

Sula surveillance radar for space objects can be attributed to high-tech dual-use products. He is represented by Almaz-Antey Concern. This radar allows you to track the movement of satellites, space debris and other objects in orbit at a distance of up to 6000 km. Today, many countries are concerned about the increase in debris in space, so interest in Sula is guaranteed, especially since there are not so many analogues in the world. IDEX 2023 has just started its work, there will be many more presentations, discoveries and surprises.

Rostec displayed several of its bombing combat drones, which are virtually invulnerable to most air defense systems. Photo: Georgy Sultanov / TASS

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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